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Any comments before I get ZIPP'd?(2 posts)

Any comments before I get ZIPP'd?Akirasho
Apr 26, 2001 5:36 PM
ZIPP Cranks???

I've already read the posts in product reviews, and am looking for any last minute comments before I make this totally indulgent and frivolous purchase.

Anyone out there got any gripes (aside from price) about this product... heard any complaints???

Thanks for the feedback.

Be the bike.
re: Any comments before I get ZIPP'd?Duane Gran
Apr 30, 2001 5:18 AM
I am on a friendly basis with some of the employees at my bike shop. For a little while I was looking at these cranks and one of the guys basically told me that he couldn't sell them to me in good conscience. Mind you, he knows how I ride. His objection to these cranks is their molding at the base of the arm. Basically, they are glued, which is common for carbon, but it doesn't look really tight. My LBS guys tell me that it is a good crank for time trialing, where the conditions are pretty stable, but in a road race and climbing situations they don't really trust them.

This is just one opinion and I welcome someone else to call BS on this. I'm just relaying the info I was given.