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Attn OCLV owners: info on Icon weights(5 posts)

Attn OCLV owners: info on Icon weightsJava
Apr 25, 2001 9:33 AM
Since it is near impossible to find weight stats on the Icon parts that come stock with Trek OCLV bikes (and since I don't have access to an accurate scale), I emailed Trek and got the following info:

Icon Graphite handlebar (42cm I think, whatever comes stock on a 54cm frame): 254 grams

Icon Graphite seatpost: 189 grams

Icon Sterling stem (100 mm): 117 grams (!!)

I know that this only covers a few sizes, and it's Trek's claimed weights, but I just thought I'd share.
Dark Secretsgrz mnky
Apr 25, 2001 9:51 AM
the first one is that virtually *all* of the manufacturers lie about their weights. They may have actually weighed a part and got that reading, but it was probably selelected and early in the production run before the die and tooling started to wear.

I find that most of the ICON stuff is heavier than the higher end stuff - the handle bars being an excellent example. Deda, TTT, and Cinelli all make bars around 215 g. and sometimes less - although it's easy to find actual examples that weigh more. Someone has a website that has actual weights for darn near everything - it used to be part of the Western Wheelers web page before they redesigned.

I find the wieght of their 100 cm stem to be extremely doubtful at 117 g. when the Ritchey WCS is 125 g. and way more sophisitcated from a design and mfg. standpoint.

It's also a bit curious that they call their parts "Graphite" when they are in fact made from alu. alloy. To the unfamiliar you might think that graphite means carbon - as in, hey they're parts are all carbon fiber. Not.

I don't think any serious weight weenie would even consider buying any Icon brand parts, but it's interesting to see the info.
I'll defend Icon...TJeanloz
Apr 25, 2001 5:58 PM
First, a disclaimer: I hate Trek and all things controlled by the Empire.

But in my experience, Icon parts weigh about what Trek claims they do. People just make the wrong comparisons. Trek claims the Graphite h-bar weighs 255g; similar to an ITM Pro260. People will consistently say: "My Icon bar weighed a TON compared to my Prima199 or EC90." No kidding.

Icon Sterling stems did, in fact, hit the low 120gs; until their ti bolts were recalled and had to be replaced with steel.

And seatposts. My Graphite post weighed 185g; less than the Dura-Ace it replaced. If we can all remember when 185g was a light seatpost- that was a whole year ago.

Fair 'Nufgrz mnky
Apr 26, 2001 8:37 AM
Yes, we gotta make sure it's an apples to apples comparison. No one mfr. seems to be immune to the recall bug in their quest for the lightest components. I owned a '96 5200 and dumped most of the prior version Icon stuff and lightened the bike. the newer Icon stuff seems to be a big improvement.
Simple ... icon is pig ironDuane Gran
Apr 25, 2001 11:35 AM
As the other post said, don't trust these weights. I have changed out a seat post (for Thomson) and my handlebars (for Easton EC90) and when holding both items in hand I'm convinced that Icon stuff is just plain pig iron heavy. I love my Trek bike, but that Icon stuff has to go.