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Old Fuji VaLite Quad Butted tubing??(2 posts)

Old Fuji VaLite Quad Butted tubing??ciocc
Apr 24, 2001 11:39 PM
Who knows something about these old Fuji's? I just bought one, probably 1982(?) & it has a great ride. It's stiffer than my other steel bikes. So far, I know the alloy is Vanadium, & that quad butted means an extra, thick section in the middle of the tube for stiffness. Anybody here old enough to remember the buzz on Fuji's back before index shifting? Almost nothing on the internet about them.
re: Old Fuji VaLite Quad Butted tubing??QL1
May 26, 2001 3:31 PM
I've been riding a 1984 Club Fuji for years. I just bought a new Schwinn Peloton Pro last week. I guess I like the feel of steel. I don't remember much of the buzz from the time I bought the bike, except that fuji put really nice frames on pretty reasonably priced bikes. The quad-butted Club was supposed to be a screaming deal frame-wise (I think it was the same frame as the Team Fuji). I don't remember the details of the butting, but having 5 different tube thicknesses was pretty cutting edge back then.