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Rolf Comp. Question(6 posts)

Rolf Comp. QuestionJBergland
Apr 23, 2001 10:03 AM
Before anyone responds with 'Rolf's suck, Rolf's suck', please lend me some advice.

First, let me say I believe myself to be at least semi knowledgeable when it comes to turning a wrench. However, when it comes to wheels and wheels sets, I'm not-so-good. I was introduced to the sport of cycling by a good mechanic who was also a GREAT wheel-man. True a wheel one time... and it would be good for a whole year of anything!!
A pair of Rolf Comps. came stock on my LeMond Zurich. I have liked the wheels pretty good so far... aero, semi light, look ok, etc. They do not accelerate as fast as some wheels but they do the job.

I have been having a problem with the rear wheel. One spoke keeps coming loose. The wheel stays true for the most part when this happens... when I tighten it back up, it pulls the rim over far enough that the brakes almost rub. I have brought it into the LBS two times to get trued... same results... 3 or so rides later, loose spoke. The owner of the shop said the wheel might be 'shot'. I have not heard of a wheel getting 'shot' without a great deal of abuse and/or miles, and with only 2500 miles on the wheel set, I don't think this is the case.
Couple things I'm considering:
1. Spoke prep on the spoke/nipple.
2. Spoke prep on the WHOLE rear wheel.
3. Bringing it to a GREAT wheel-man... all it needs is a good truing.
4. Get a set of Special Ks sooner than I planned!!:)

Any help/advice will be appreciated

re: Rolf Comp. QuestionBob in Indiana
Apr 23, 2001 10:46 AM
My lbs put loc-tite on each sopke thread when I first took delivery of my 1999 TREK 5200, same wheels as yours.

He said loosening spokes was somewhat common on the "Comps" and that a factory tech told them to loc-tite for insurance.

I assume they'll have to be "re-loctited" each time I have them trued? I'll trust my lbs for that...

re: Rolf Comp. QuestionJVR-OCLV
Apr 23, 2001 11:20 AM
Had the same problem with my front rim(Rolf Comp.) after 500 miles. One spock came loose. I used Lotite low strength "purple" MFG part # 22221. I also did the rear rim. After another 1500+ miles still no loose spokes. Seems to do the job.
Rolf WheelsXeke
Apr 23, 2001 6:46 PM
FWIW: A set of original batch Vector Pros have been on the Vortex for three years and at least 15k miles and they have not been touched. They roll just fine....

After a couple thousand miles, the Sestrieres popped the heads off two nipples on the front wheel within a hundred miles of one another. I replaced the first one myself and when the second one went, I took it back to the LBS and they replaced all the nipples at my request. No problems since.

Rolf has had some well documented problems with nipples on several of their models. Replacing them with a set if good quality nipples has done away with every spoke related issue that any riding buddies have experienced. Anecdotal of course, but that's what this board is all about....

My next set of wheels will be K's....
re: Rolf Comp. QuestionIan
Apr 24, 2001 4:50 AM
I had this problem with my CrossMax wheelset, which is the mtb equivalent of the Ksyriums. They were out of true after each ride and I realized it was the same spoke each time. I loosened the spoke enough to see some threads, put on some Loctite and have been problem free since.
I got a couple answersJBergland
Apr 24, 2001 5:15 AM
I called a guy I know at Penn Cycle (5 shops in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area) and asked about my Rolfs. He said that Trek (ie Rolf) had some problems with Rolf Comp. wheels not getting spoke prep on all the spokes... maybe 1 spoke per wheel set (my Rolf are a 1999 model). He suggested loctite (purple). I asked if that is something I should do to every spoke. He said it wouldn't hurt to do that, but might not be necessary. Start with the spoke that is the problem and see if that takes care of it.

Now... is this something that the first guy I went to should have known? He is a LeMond Dealer and I thought was familar with Rolf Wheels. Is this type of information something that Trek/Rolf sends out in a memo... or do LBS have to ask specific questions to get information?