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Jammed STI lever(4 posts)

Jammed STI leverroybite
Apr 22, 2001 5:59 PM
Right STI lever is jammed. Large lever, when moved inward, not ratcheting(no clicking sound just free movement)and small lever does not move inward very much. I managed to do this when installing new cable and testing the lever. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Roy .
re: Jammed STI leverfuzzybunnies
Apr 22, 2001 6:49 PM
If you forget to put the endcaps on the housing that goes into the lever it can cause the problem, the little wires can come out of the housing and jam inside the lever and requires no time to do so. I did this once and the problem showed up in the first 10 miles following the installation. Also depending on how well you cut the housing it could also cause a problem. Pull the housing off and just holding the cable see if the shifter still works, if it does it's the housing or a kink in the cable, if it doesn't work you have a problem. TTFN
It does happen--just last week.TNC
Apr 22, 2001 7:16 PM
We just sent a customer's rear STI shifter back to Shimano with exactly the same symptom. The bike is less than a year old. Happened to my new bike last July in the first 25 miles (Ultegra). It's not real common, but it happens. Shimano says it's a small part failure in the mechanism, and they warranty it with no problem. If still under warranty, your LBS should set it straight. Of course you should check for an obvious cable or adjustment problem first, but your symptom sounds familiar.
Me too...Jacko
Apr 23, 2001 6:13 AM
Mine did the same thing with under a hundred miles on it. My LBS sent the lever back to Shimano and I'm waiting for a warranty replacement. I currently have a 105 lever that the LBS had lying around and it's working fine.

FWIW, Shimano is terribly backordered on the part so I'm thinking this may not be as isolated as they are leading us to believe.