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Campy Chorus chain wear. How long will they last?(4 posts)

Campy Chorus chain wear. How long will they last?E. Colnago
Apr 22, 2001 12:48 PM
Basically, I would like to know how often I should change the chain for the Chorus 10 spd. grouppo? What is the life expectancy with regular care?
as long as high quality chain....dave
Apr 22, 2001 2:56 PM
The only problem that reduced the life of the early model 10 speed chains, was the permalink, which has been fixed. I used my early model 10 speed chain for 3000 miles, with very little measurable stretch. The permalink was worn more than the rest of the chain, so I changed the whole thing, to avoid a permalink problem.

The key to longevity with any chain is maintenance. Keep it clean and lubed, and it will last a long time. I advocate the homemade lube of 3 to 4 parts mineral spirits to one part synthetic motor oil. Apply it heavily every week, and wipe thoroughly to keep the chain clean and lubed. The chain never needs to be removed for cleaning with this lube. If it does get dirty, make a second application, and wipe again.

SRAM is supposed to have a 10 speed chain out this year, with the easily removable Powerlink.
According to CampyKerry Irons
Apr 22, 2001 3:43 PM
you should replace the chain when it elongates 0.5%, which is 1/16" per 12" of original chain length. Depending on your weight, riding style, and if you keep the chain clean and well lubed, you may well get over 5K miles out of a chain.
1500 miles on the Perma-linkIxnixit
Apr 22, 2001 5:11 PM
I started getting an annoying every other crank rotation thump about 50 miles ago. Yesterday I took some of the measurements suggested in the Campy chain manual. Their spec is <132.60mm when measuring between the outside bushings of 6 links. To my surprise, I was getting 132.2 +/- .1 over the entire chain except any time the Perma-link happened to be in the measurement sample. So, I broke the chain, cleaned it severely and, before putting it back on the bike, took some measurements on either side of the new (but not closed) Perma-link. Result - chain passed tolerance. Put it back on the bike, fastened the link and lo and behold no more annoying thump. Moral of the story - not sure how long the chain will last but the Perma-link was certainly a disappointment.