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Can I use a 9 speed cassette on an 8 speed hub ?(3 posts)

Can I use a 9 speed cassette on an 8 speed hub ?mpt98
Apr 20, 2001 3:14 PM
I tried putting on a 9 speed cassette on an old 8 speed wheel to use for training , but when I put the wheel back on my bike the width of the axle seems wider than my original 9 speed axle/hub. I had to spread the rear triangle a little bit to make it fit, but now the rear derailleur shifting is not aligned. The old 8 speed wheel is a CPX21 with RSX hub. My question is, do I just need to adjust the rear derailleur to make it work or do I need to take of a washer on the axle to make it fit ? Thanks for any help offered.
Yupgrz mnky
Apr 20, 2001 3:46 PM
8 and 9 speed go on the same cassette body. the difference is the spacing. Axle length is not affected. You should be able to adjust the rear der., but since the largest cog is still in the same place everything should work out correctly? How are you making up for the difference in the required cable movement to hit the shift points? It also helps to use the right chain which then throws a the front crank and der. for a bit of a loop. You're better off sticking to one desing and getting a second cassette of the same type. You can make it all work as people have discussed here before, but it isn't optimal.
Apr 20, 2001 4:01 PM
I have two sets of dura ace 9 speed cassette, so I thought I could just put it on the 8 speed hub without adjusting the rear derailleur. My other cassette is on a Rolf Vector Pro. Would this be the difference in axle length ? Thanks grz mnky.