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Chainrings(3 posts)

Apr 20, 2001 7:52 AM
My 1997 Cannondale R500 was spec'd with 36/46 chainrings paired with an 11-24 seven speed cogset. I am still trying to figure out why the chainrings are so small and if this has anything to do with my calves cramping. Any recommendations for chainring swaps?
re: Chainringstwikkie
Apr 20, 2001 11:33 AM
your 46-36 chainrings are commonly found on cyclocross bikes...and are oftenfound discounted. It is not a bad set up. with an eleven tooth rear cog, youve got a (roughly) 4:1...good enough for most people

it is doubtful, at least in my opinion, that your chainrings are causng your calves to cramp...

actually, depending on the set-up of your cogset the 36-46 allows for quite a decent range of gears...your smallest cog (11) gives you a pretty descent high gear, and your 36-24 gives you a decent climbing gear. I wouldn't worry about it.

as for you calves, perhaps it is due to diet, or stretching...I don't know since I'm no sports medicine doctor. Again, I doubt it is your chainrings--it could be a host of problems (crank arm length, saddle height etc), but I doubt that chainrings are the source.

try adjusting your bike fit, as that seems like the most likely culprit.
46-36 works fine; probably got nothing to do with your cramps.Cory
Apr 20, 2001 3:39 PM
My Atlantis runs 46-36-26 and an 11-28 cassette. Saves a little weight (not enough to matter), gives good clearance and still allows a range of 25 to 113 inches. As for the cramps, though--I just don't see how your legs could know if they're pushing a 46-17 or a 53-whatever it would be. Gear inches is gear inches, no matter how you get there. I'd look at some of the other possible causes of cramps.