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Rich? Fat? = new Dura Ace triple(16 posts)

Rich? Fat? = new Dura Ace triplealansutton
Apr 19, 2001 10:52 AM
For all you fat businessmen with Lance Armstrong replicas. For the purist, this is akin to buying an automatic Ferrari, but like their automotive equivalent it'll surely be an executive favourite. Don't think for a minute that you can get away with modifying your existing groupset. Oh no, you'll need a new chainset, derailleurs, Octalink bottom bracket and left hand shifter! Plus, there's a new Smartcage Dura Ace derailleur to complement the system.

Just what the worlds needs.
Apr 19, 2001 10:55 AM
re: Rich? Fat? = new Dura Ace tripleLarry Meade
Apr 19, 2001 11:20 AM
Are you being forced to buy it? I don't really understand why you are so incensed over this. They are responding to the market. There have been people asking for this for years. Just because you don't like/need it doesn't make it a bad idea. This sort of snobbery is what discourages new riders from getting into the sport. Ride what you like and let everyone else ride what they like. They don't want or need your derision and scorn. By the way, you can also get Record/Chorus medium cage derailleurs so that you can set up a Campy bike with either a triple or a 29 tooth rear cog. WHAT BLASPHEMY!!!!!
Apr 19, 2001 12:13 PM
Responding to the market? Are you kidding? They CREATED the market. Response is the by-product of demand. Was the move to 9 speed a response? No. There was no demand for 9 speed or 10 speed for that matter. It's this sort of one-upsmanship between companies that drive up R&D costs which in turn get pasted down to consumers. It's the bloody high cost that keeps people from entering the sport.

kidding?Larry Meade
Apr 19, 2001 1:49 PM
NO I am not kidding. I wish I had a dollar for everytime I have heard or read someone ask about a dura Ace triple. Some people want the top of the line and need a triple. We can't all be the bike god that you apparently are. I have talked to a lot more people that are put off by elitist attitudes like yours than from the cost of a new bike. I know guys riding $2000 MTBs that won't get a road bike because of the elitist attitude that so many jerks put out there. For $600 today you can get a bike that functions much better than my first $600 bike of 19 years ago so in regards to performance for your buck, the market is a strong or stronger than ever. If you don't want the Dura Ace triple then don't buy it. I doubt that Shimano is going to phase out the Dura Ace double and thus force you to buy a triple on your next bike.....
Create a market?shmoo
Apr 19, 2001 4:44 PM
A market (demand) can be STIMULATED if it's there to begin with, even latently, but I don't believe it can be created. If Shimano didn't believe the market was already there, they wouldn't be doing this. If Shimano is creating anything, it is its own opportunity for sales and profit. Find a niche and fill it. If Lance and the Posties do, in fact, use the DA Triple during the Tour, it'll stimulate the demand that much more, especially if LA actually wins a stage with it. All IMHO, of course.
darn tootin'!LightBoy
Apr 19, 2001 7:49 PM
The world does not need a Dura Ace triple, just like they never needed (much less asked for!) nine and ten speed cassettes. Down with carbon and titanium too...steel is real baby! Anyone that's riding anything newer than a ten speed dinosaur from 1968 is nothing but a trend following poseur, and does not deserve a place in out elitist, holier-than-thou sport. If you buy into this evil corporate 'one-upmanship,' than you are surely going straight to uppity cyclist Heck.

Seriously though, why must so many people have this ''if you are not exactly like me and do things the way I think they should be done than you are an awful rotten person and I wouldn't be seen riding with you if you were the last cyclist on Earth'' attitude? Dude! F-ing grow up and learn to live with the fact that we can't all be snobish punks like you. We don't all have perfectly toned legs like I'm sure you do (you can back up your childish rants, can't you?), nor can we all keep up with that break-neck pace I'm sure you set, unless we use a triple. Deal. Cope. Accept. I think you'll find that life is just a little more pleasant when you do.

BTW, I look forward to your stellar performance in the Tour this summer. You are going to compete to show all those ''fat businessmen with Lance Armstrong replicas'' whose really boss, aren't you?
how is this hurting you?DaveG
Apr 20, 2001 8:28 AM
Exactly how is the new DA triple harming you? If more folks buy DA as a result wouldn't that lower costs? If DA is too expensive for folks to "enter the sport", 105 works great and cost 1/3 as much. I say the high price of DA (and Record) is part of it's market appeal (have to have the best)
He may be rich but he's not fat...J. Matthew
Apr 19, 2001 1:03 PM
Apparently the next issue of Record will feature a carbon crankset. There were no plans to make a carbon triple until Pantani told Campy if they wouldn't make one he'd make his own.

Supposedly Lance and Tyler will use the triple in the mtn. stages of the TdF. Granted, this may well reflect as much marketing as practicality.

Tradition and ego aside, a triple makes good sense. They allow a tighter rear cluster for better cadence while allowing a decent climbing gear. If you look at low gear ratios, a 39/27 (double: 1:1.44) and a 30/21 (triple: 1:1.42) are identical within a couple of hundreths. The triple setup (30/21) allows the tight gearing in the 11-17 range, which is so important to keep consistent cadence whether racing, touring, or simply joy riding.
One possibility for legit racing use.shmoo
Apr 19, 2001 11:27 AM
A straight block that climbs like a 38/27 and high ends at 53+/11. Put an 11-21 on the back and you've got a 38.5 gear inch climber with a 130+ gear inch top end. Might be useful to a road racer on a mixed technical course. Probably a little harder to set up for consistent performance, and you definitely introduce cross-chaining as a practical issue.

Other than that, it's probably just marketing - as in "How do we get more people to buy high end"?
re: Rich? Fat? = new Dura Ace triplepmf
Apr 19, 2001 11:31 AM
Any links to this?

1. It looks like a 53-39-XX. I wonder if they made the middle 39 instead of 42. That's the biggest drawback of the Ultegra set-up. If they made a 39 ring for it, it would be a great group.

2. It is a little annoying that you have to buy a bunch of crap just to convert. How very Shimano-like.

3. Some people really need a triple. I know a racer in San Fran who uses one. Its steep there. To say that only fat, rich LA wannabees are going to buy this is kind of assinine. I guess we can't all be cool purists like yourself. Can I have your autograph?
re: Why not?Markar
Apr 19, 2001 4:33 PM
According the latest issue of VeloNews the front chanirings are 53-39-30. With a 12-21 cassette you get the low end of a 39x27 double set up without the big jumps between cogs. This is almost the equivalent of a 13 cog straight block
That's an improvementpmf
Apr 20, 2001 4:50 AM
The "old" 9-speed Ultegra triple has a 52-42-20 on the front. At least that's whats onm my wife's bike. The rings have these ramps on them and there is no (so far) ramped 39 ring. I tried a regular double ring, but it won't shift up from the 20. The end result is that she either cranks up a hill in a too big 42, or uses the too small 20. If the DA setup comes with a 39, perhaps I can get a 39 ring for her bike. Anyone know if that's available?
re: Rich? Fat? = new Dura Ace triplemuncher
Apr 20, 2001 12:47 AM
Can't see the need for triple? Suggest you get off your hoop and go find some longer bigger hills to climb then.....
re: Rich? Fat? = new Dura Ace triplealansutton
Apr 20, 2001 9:56 AM
So I'm an elitist snob with perfectly toned legs who will set a break-neck pace and perform stellar the this summer's Tour De France whilist giving autographs? You folk need to start counting your calories instead of your grams and learn to tolorate a little English sarcasim. Wheelsuckers.
Felix the Fat Cat & Betty Boop wannabees ..Breck
Apr 22, 2001 8:38 AM
Hay, mebee it is tyme to change.

If the new Shimano Tripple ( from Grz, a Tourists triple Vs Elite, a Racers [ or Racist to tha Bigots ] triple ) gruppo still poses with the down tube indexed shifters ( as they always have so far [even thouh nott always Popular ( as in trees) Catt Item )]), I'll biote ( = bite on tha Peyote ) on my tail & gett one.

Thx for the Info-so-far
Ain't Life a Beach?
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