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Do you rotate your tires?(8 posts)

Do you rotate your tires?Gall
Apr 18, 2001 2:50 PM
if so how often and why?

One more time - bad idea!Kerry Irons
Apr 18, 2001 5:08 PM
You want your best rubber on the front. If you're trying to get maximum mileage from your tires, here's the deal: when the rear wears out, throw it out, put the front tire on the rear, and put a new tire on the front. Front tires don't really wear out, they just age. Rear tires wear out from power transfer - they lose weight from rubber abrasion. Now, if you HAVE to have matching tires (brand, model, color) then you either need to buy several at a time or accept throwing out the front when the rear wears out, but don't put a worn tire on the front. It's bad juju. BTW, a tire that has "aged" on the front will only get about 2/3 as many miles once you put on the back compared to a new tire mounted in the back.
Thanks Kerry! nmGall
Apr 18, 2001 8:14 PM
One more time - bad idea!DG
Apr 18, 2001 9:49 PM
I have read in a couple of different places about rotating tires after 1000 miles. what would be the logic of doing that?

Methinks it has got to do with the fact that the front and back tires don't wear at the same rate. So rotating tires will ebsure a more even wear and a longer life for both tires...
Your correct, but its still a bad idea!DCP
Apr 19, 2001 4:29 AM
Rotating tires will ensure more even and likely longer overall wear, but your choice depends on whether economy or safety is your primary goal. A worn front tire is dangerous while a worn rear tire is less dangerous because of the greater handling difficulties from a flat front tire. So it makes more sense to forgo a bit of economy (and it probably isn't very much anyway) for the greater safety of having a better front tire.
You don't save money by rotatingCory
Apr 19, 2001 8:08 AM
Actually putting the front on the rear when you get a new front IS rotating, only with three tires instead of two. But either way, you don't save money in the long run--you use each tire until it's worn out, then toss it and buy a new one. All you do is reschedule the spending (I agree with Kerry's safety argument, by the way).
Same deal as with snow tires on a car: They cost almost nothing, because while you're using them, your summer tires aren't wearing out.
Old Wives Talegrz mnky
Apr 19, 2001 8:03 AM
I rotate my tires when the rear is about half gone, but still has plenty of grippy rubber. This way the tires wear out together and I'm not stuck with some old cracked fossil up front. It also allows me to buy a matched pair if I feel like trying a different size or brand.

The alternative means riding around with a front in perfect shape and the rear all worn out and getting flats consistently. Kinda funny to watch actually.
re: Do you rotate your tires?JL
Apr 19, 2001 4:57 AM
Check out Sheldon Browns article on tire rotation:

Bottom line is I wouldn't do it.