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stripping paint of saddle(3 posts)

stripping paint of saddleDirk Lenart
Apr 18, 2001 10:44 AM

Has anyone experience with stripping the paint of a saddle? I've got a
fiz:ik Pave, black on top, yellow at the sides. After a year the yellow is disappearing and makes my sadde look bad.

Would it be possible to get the yellow off, and apply black, to get an all black saddle.

How to proceed?

Dirk Lenart
More info pleaseDave Hickey
Apr 18, 2001 11:26 AM
Dirk, Is the yellow on the plastic sides or is the yellow leather or cloth? If its the plastic sides, they usually remove with a couple of screws and you can paint any color you want. I've done it with a couple of saddles but I have not done it with this particular saddle.
More info pleaseDirk Lenart
Apr 20, 2001 9:50 AM
It's yellow paint on leather. Someone else proposed to take it to the shoemaker who's specializing in repainting ladies shoes. Sounded like a good idea.