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Overhauling Pedals(3 posts)

Overhauling Pedalstraveller
Apr 18, 2001 9:53 AM
Is there a timetable on this??? Does anyone do this themselves or take them to the LBS. I have Looks (i think PP296) with sealed cartridge bearings with about 2,600 miles on them.

Is this an easy job to do on your own?
Just Do Itgrz mnky
Apr 18, 2001 10:03 AM
Well, 2,600 mi. on a pair of pedals is nothing *unless* they are showing signs of misbehaving (i.e. loose play, clunking, parts falling off). They are fairly easy to rebuild as long as you have the right tools (Shimano, Look, etc.), but you have to be careful to NOT lose the ball bearings when you take them apart. Do it over a lunch tray or a plastic container and take your time. has an exploaded view if you look on the "Urup" section of their site. If you're missing parts, like the dust cap, you may want to go to for small parts. I reccomend the use of Phil Wood grease or something similar.
re: Overhauling PedalsDirk Lenart
Apr 18, 2001 10:12 AM
If you're interested, I could mail you Barnetts chapter on overhauling pedals.

Just give me your emailaddress.

Dirk Lenart