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Rolf Vectors(8 posts)

Rolf Vectorsfdough
Apr 17, 2001 5:37 PM
Any comments on these wheels. I want a set of durable racing/training wheels that will be durable. I am 200 lbs so I put a beating on my wheels.

re: Rolf VectorsDean
Apr 18, 2001 4:52 AM
I have a set of Vector Pro's and I love them. Although I only have about 100 miles on them, they are great. I am currently about 225 pounds and I have not had to have them trued. My only complaint is I thought they would be lighter. They weigh almost the same as my Open Pros with Chorus hubs. I do notice I am a bit faster with the Rolfs and they are great in a headwind. The LBS I bought them from sponsors the local racing club and many of those riders use Rolfs, and yes I do trust the LBS not go feed me a line. If you are looking at the plain Vector's I do not know anything about them, but I like my Vector Pros. Good luck.
Apr 18, 2001 5:40 AM
I forgot to mention I test rode some Vector Comps and they had a lot of lateral flex. Enough that I would not have bought them. Could tell that the hub moved laterally on hard turns.
re: Additionrstel66
Apr 19, 2001 7:30 AM
Just to add on my two cents, I have tried the vector comps also and I have a teammate using those wheels on his 2000 LeMond Zurich. He's pretty big, rides a 58 c-c. He had to have those wheels trued a few times and has spokes getting loose. As much as I like the vector pros I would have to agree with the assesment from Damon Rinard's website on lateral flex from the comps, his report has that under load the opposite side spokes have gone lax, which puts the entire load on the other side spokes. This constant action would explain the problems from my teammates wheelset. But if the hub is moving laterally from the previous poster (I don't know what frameset he has) then it's more likely its his rear triangle that doing the moving not the wheels. I have felt some lateral movement from the rims hitting the brake pads (But I do set my brake pads very close) when I tested the comps and they are heavy for a wheelset. I have another teammate who bought a Trek 5200 and changed the comps to pros. I would recommend at that price point, a good set of Mavic Open Pros (Which by the way I have a couple sets available for sale with 32 hole Ultegra hubs DT Revos w/black alloy nipples, radial front, 3 cross rear, never used. Email me for price and more details I'm in Los Angeles area, I'm raising money for my vector pros:)) or Velocity aerohead rims (slightly lighter) laced radial, 1 or 2 cross up front and 2 or 3 cross drive side, radial 1 or 2 cross non drive side for the rear. I think that would be a good all around wheelset that would be easy to repair and stiff enough to sprint on and depending on hubs and spokes, light enough to climb with. Hope this helps.....

Ride on!!!!!
re: Rolf Vectorsedh
Apr 18, 2001 9:51 AM
I've got 9k miles on a set vector pro's and have never had a need to tru. I'm 165lbs, ride typical So Cal valley and mtn terrain. The wheels have been bombproof for me. Am in the process of breaking in a new wheelset "Campag Nuc's". Only time and miles will tell but they are lighter, plenty stiff laterally, campag hubs sweet. Just another option to consider.
re: Rolf VectorsJames
Apr 18, 2001 11:37 AM
after my 215 of pounds of pounding and almost 2000 miles, my Rolf Vector's as as true as ever. it kinda surprises me that they stayed so true. the vectors have standard spokes, unlike the comps and pro's having bladed. plus the hubs are alittle lower level than the more expensive rolfs, but so far so great. has the vectors for $200 and the vector comps for $360, best deal ive found!
durable but flexydash
Apr 18, 2001 8:28 PM
I have done over 17K miles on my vector pros. they are very durable (nothing has broken so far), but flexy under hard pedaling. i am 145 lb. hope this helps.

happy riding-
re: durable but flexyrstel66
Apr 19, 2001 6:56 AM
What?????? What year model are your pros? Most of my racing teammates are using these wheels and I have ridden them myself and we find them plenty stiff. In the past year the only problems the team has had with those wheels was a broken spoke and one tacoed in a crash. I weigh 195 lbs and I set my brakes pretty close to the rims (I like quick travel and response from the levers) and I have never felt or heard any flex from the vector pros. You didn't state what frame and fork you have, I ride a Specialized M2 Allez with a Profile Julie RC fork. I was a long time steel (Yes, it's still real!!!) rider (2 Pinarello bikes- Columbus SLX and Cromor frames) riding 32 hole Campy Omega/Dura Ace and Ultegra wheels, most of the flex I get from riding those bikes under hard intensity came from frame and fork flex not the wheels. I've been researching wheelsets for my new Giant TCR-1 and I keep coming back to the Vector Pros, It's a great all around wheelset for both training and racing, aero enough to use for a local time trial, light enough for hill climbing and winds up quickly for those sprint efforts in crits. Our team has found the pros to be very reliable, my only complaint is the noisy freehub when coasting but is that really a bad thing? Hope this helps the first poster.....

Ride On!!!!