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Vortex/Ultimate -vs- Stiff Aluminum(2 posts)

Vortex/Ultimate -vs- Stiff Aluminumriding_chris
Apr 16, 2001 5:24 PM
I would like to hear some feedback from people who have ridden the most recent ultimate and vortex in comparison to a stiff aluminum frame in regards to the decending, climbing and sprinting. Also how do the vortex and ultimate pair up.

re: Vortex/Ultimate -vs- Stiff AluminumLarry Meade
Apr 17, 2001 4:06 AM
I don't notice a whole lot of difference between my aluminum Trek 2300 and my Ultimate as far as stiffness goes. They are both rock solid and descend very well. The Ultimate is a little quicker handling because of the short chainstays and lightly higher bottom bracket but nothing too dramatic. As far as the Ultimate comparing to the Vortex, they don't. With the exception of the top tube the Vortex is built with fairly conventional tubing. It does not have the mega sized down tube that the Ultimate has and as such is not nearly as stiff. It is really their attempt at getting as light a frame as they can. It would be great for someone who likes to climb but maybe not as good as the Ultimate for a big sprinter type. If I were looking to compare the Ultimate to another Litespeed frame it would be the Palmares. It uses the same down tube as the Ultimate but is all 6/4 ti like the Vortex. More conventional geometry gives it a more comfortable ride than the Ultimate.It is kind of the best of both worlds.