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Any other bummed-out Litespeed seatpost owners out there?(3 posts)

Any other bummed-out Litespeed seatpost owners out there?Jim A
Apr 16, 2001 12:32 PM
I bought a Litespeed seatpost last year, ordered direct from Litespeed, and finally installed it on my Appalachian. I'm bummed. It was incredibly difficult to attach the saddle, and now that it's on the bike, I have a concern about whether the seat angle will stay put. This is a very strange design. The saddle angle stays in place with a set screw that literally digs into an aluminum (?) cylinder when you tighten down on two bolts which close a Ti ring around the cylinder. The saddle is centered and level now but I'm afraid to move it back (where I would like it) for fear of placing too much stress on it, thus changing the angle. There is definitely no micro-adjust capability. Working with this post made me really appreciate the design of my Thompson. It's a cool looking post and way light (about 160 some g), but why do I seem to be the only person who owns one? Are there any other bummed-out Litespeed seatpost owners out there?
My LS post has an AC headKerry Irons
Apr 16, 2001 4:59 PM
My older Litespeed post has an American Classic head - no problems. I wasn't aware that LS had changed it's design until your post. The current one looks like a RaceFace or ControlTech or a derivative thereof.
It's a pain...TJeanloz
Apr 17, 2001 6:41 AM
But that's the price you sometimes pay for a very light part. There is no easy way to adjust it, but thankfully you shouldn't need to adjust it very often.