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First tire blowoff(2 posts)

First tire blowoffJon(unregistered)
Apr 16, 2001 11:44 AM
Well, I just had my front tire blow off the rim. Luckily, it was right after adding air, and not on the road, but I'd ridden it 60 miles the day before with no sign of a problem.
It's a 23mm Panaracer Stradius kevlar bead, on a Mavic Cosmic wheel. I checked the tire bead, rim, and rim tape at the point of blowoff, and found nothing, but I did notice that the tire was very easy to mount, and the rim is pretty narrow.
The tube is blown in a "star" shape, about 2mm across unstretched, so I'm pretty sure it's a blowout. And, like I said, I'd ridden the tire for 60 hilly miles the day before, and everything looked fine. So now I'm a little nervous, especially since I've never had this happen before. The tire was seated well, the tube wasn't pinched...anyone have any advice or similar experiences? Thanks, Jon.
Stuff Happensgrz mnky
Apr 16, 2001 2:09 PM
Well, don't use Armor All and similar products - they cut down on the friction that is required to hold the bead onto the rim. It's easy to get the tire on and not have the bead *even* on the rim. I've been using Conti's and haven't had this problem, although I did manage to blow a tire off a friends wheel when we were doing a speedy flat repair during a century this way.

Inspect the rim for any irregularities. Consider possibly using a different tire if it continues to happen or you can't get rid of the hebbie-gebbies.