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Colnago Dream Question...(5 posts)

Colnago Dream Question...JJ Leto
Apr 16, 2001 6:42 AM
I've just purchased a Dream Plus and was installing the cable guide underneath the bottom bracket. It didn't seem to me that the hole was threaded. Do I need to tap it or should it be rivoted on?

re: Colnago Dream Question...Paul N. VA
Apr 16, 2001 10:36 AM
I don't have a colnago, but I've installed others where it's just a plastic guide that snaps in, or it's a screw that justs taps (screws)into the al bb. You didn't say what type of guide you have.

Beautiful bike, good luck with it.

a self-tapping screw...dave
Apr 16, 2001 1:50 PM
usually comes with the cable guide.

I was able to tap the hole on my C-40 with a 5mm metric tap and use a short, button head, stainless steel cap screw. It's the same thread as a water bottle cage bolt.
a self-tapping screw...Paul N. VA
Apr 17, 2001 2:59 AM
Hard to believe that this is what Colnago gives you. I have friends with C-40's, have to check out their guide. Didn't know you could tap out carbon, or is there a metal insert?

C-40 bottom bracket...dave
Apr 17, 2001 1:36 PM
has an aluminum shell, surrounded by carbon fiber. The bottom bracket threads are aluminum. The cable guide screw threads into the aluminum shell.