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Ultegra T(4 posts)

Ultegra Tuwgrl
Apr 15, 2001 2:57 PM
Does anyone know what the difference is between a standard Ultegra and an Ultergra T? (Does it mean that the pieces are Ti?)
re: Ultegra T.....ripleBrian B.
Apr 15, 2001 4:00 PM
Stands for Triple, for the series of ultegra bits used with a 3x chainring setup. Don't know what the actual physical differences are...

-Brian B.
re: Ultegra TJohnnyP
Apr 15, 2001 4:01 PM
How about triple, as in triple chinrings??
Ultegra triple vs. doubleDrD
Apr 15, 2001 6:18 PM
Things which are different:
Crankset (3 rings)
Bottom bracket (longer spindle)
Rear deraileur (longer cage to take up extra slack in chain)
Front deraileur (longer travel/different shape cage)

Things which are the same:
STI levers
brake calipers