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VP/Nashbar SPD pedals(3 posts)

VP/Nashbar SPD pedalsLucky
Apr 14, 2001 3:50 PM
I have two pair of older Nashbar SPD-style road pedals, and now need a third pair, so I can ride my beater bike with the same shoes as my road bike and tandem. The current version of this pedal uses a different cleat. The original ones were made by VP, and I think were model 106. Does anyone know if they still make these and were I could get another pair? I haven't been able to find a web site for VP or Victor. The number on the cleat is 6E. If anyone knows where I can get a set of pedals that is compatible with this cleat, I'd appreciate the info. For now, I'm swapping pedals from bike to bike, but that gets old, quick. Thanks in advance for your help!

re: VP/Nashbar SPD pedalsAndy M-S
Apr 16, 2001 6:55 AM

Check He has some VP SPD-style pedals, and they may do the job for you. I've dealt with Chuck in the past with no problems.
re: VP/Nashbar SPD pedalsLucky
Apr 16, 2001 4:25 PM
Thanks, Andy. Turns out VP no longer makes a pedal that uses the cleat I have, but Chuck's pedals are so inexpensive, I think I'll buy 3 pair and be done with it.