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Triplet Spoking ...(2 posts)

Triplet Spoking ...sdh
Apr 13, 2001 12:07 AM
Dave Thomas utilizes triplet spoking on his rear wheels, i.e. the drive side has twice the spokes of the nondrive side. Is this something unique to Speed Dream wheels? Any owners of these wheels, or similar have any comments on durability?

Also, I was wondering is a standard hub used, skipping every other hole in the non-drive side flange? What spoke pattern is appropriate for each side? Thanks.
Call Dave.Brian B.
Apr 14, 2001 6:27 AM
Why don't you call Dave and ask him? Or email him? I don't know that he'll reveal all his magic secrets (if there really are any) but he'll certainly tell you what kind of hubs he uses, etc.

FWIW, Dave's SpeedDreams (sp?) seem to get nothing but good reviews around here...

Brian B.