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Help welcome me to the 21st Century....(2 posts)

Help welcome me to the 21st Century....curtiso
Apr 11, 2001 7:01 PM
I am finally ready to consider upgrading my 600 Ultegra 8 speed with downtube shifters to 9 speed with STI. A little help here...

1. I am thinking Dura Ace shifters for max shifting quality with
Ultegra rear derailleur 'cuz I can't imagine the Dura Ace rear
is really worth the extra expense. Any thoughts?

2. I am partial to SRAM chains. Any reason to go with a Shimano chain?

3. Which cassette? I currently run 12-23, 8 speeds. My thinking here
is Ultegra or even 105 (again, how much better can the Dura Ace
part be?) in 12-25. I rarely use the 12, so I don't see a need
for 11, and the 25 would help on the hills in the long tours I do.

4. Is a new small chainring really neccessary? If so, why?

Thanx in advance for all the input. I will consider everything carefully before I make my choices. Current financial schedule puts it all together in late April/early May.
re: Help welcome me to the 21st Century....fuzzybunnies
Apr 12, 2001 8:17 AM
1. ultegra derailleur is fine.
2. You can go with shimano if you like carrying extra pins since you're no supposed to hard pin shimano.
3 dura ace weights more and 105 is relitively softer than ultegra so ultegra is a nice option. 12-25 or 12-27 are good ratios. but you're choice.
4. Not really but it will make shifting smoother.