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Cassette Noise...Help(5 posts)

Cassette Noise...HelpCarlito
Apr 10, 2001 6:50 PM
This new noise is really starting to piss me off, and i am lost as to how the hell to fix it. Please help if you've had any similar experiences. Here it goes: I have an original Aluminum Cannondale road bike. The first aluminum one that Cannondale made. I got it powercoated, and when came back and i threw on all the components (new Ultegra groupo), the rear-end was making noise. I had the rear derailleur in perfect tune and it still made noise. It sounded like the flange on the rear drops was bent a bit since there was noise coming from it, and it was, so i fixed that problem without a hitch. The rear end was deadly silent until one ride later when it starting making this weird clunking like noise at one point in the cassette rotation (i guess). I guess it kinda sounds like a grind as well. It sounds like it is coming from the cassette, and i have no idea where to attack this thing now!! My Cannondale has got Mavic Cosmos wheels, ultegra 6500 rear derailleur, Shimano IG chain, and a shimano HG hyperglide rear cassette mounted on the cosmos rear wheel. IF ANYONE HAS ANY IDEAS WHAT TO CHECK OR HOW TO APPROACH THIS PROBLEM, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! The bike rides perfectly smooth with out any hitches, jumps, or hops in the chain. There is no physical damage to any of the components as they are all new. Its just a damn annoying noise that doesnt sound like its a good thing to have. Is it the crappy Shimano IG chain?? The cassette?? I dont think its still in the flange drop outs, cuz i bent them back perfectly with the park tool down at my local bike shop...Or is it still the flange, and its need sto be bent more? THANKS, I APPRECIATE IT!!
re: Cassette Noise...Helpmuncher
Apr 11, 2001 1:00 AM
cracked bearing?
Cassette NoiseMacgyver
Apr 11, 2001 3:19 PM
Verify if its every revolution or not. Could be the chain pin hitting the cogs. See if it happens in every gear. We need to narrow this down a little more.
Cassette NoiseCarlito
Apr 15, 2001 2:51 PM
Yeah...its in every gear.
re: Cassette Noise...HelpDirk Lenart
Apr 13, 2001 10:26 AM
The first thing that strikes me as looking for trouble is the IG chain on a Shimano Ultegra group.

I'm also riding Ultegra but with the Shimano HG-92 chain. It's hyperglide made for the rest of your hyperglide components.

So, I would try the, by the way, really good HG92 chain.