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Cassette limitations for Mavic's Mektronic rear derailer?(4 posts)

Cassette limitations for Mavic's Mektronic rear derailer?look271
Apr 10, 2001 5:22 PM
I'm doing a 100k ride in May that is billed as "the hardest metric century you'll ever do" and am running a 12-25 rear cassette cog. I am TOYING with the possibility of going to a 26 or 27 but I'm not sure what the largest gear a Mektronic rear derailer will accomodate. Any ideas?
re: Cassette limitations for Mavic's Mektronic rear derailer?QUADZILLA
Apr 11, 2001 12:52 PM
Hi that ride in Lancaster, PA ?? Anyway, I also run mektronic.... AND I run a 27 tooth (shimano) in the rear..It works great !! I thought I may have a problem with slow shifting under pressure on the hills, by it does work well (even under low cadence)!!! I really love this system. I've had no problems with it even in the rain, with the exception of dead batteries once. How about you ??

Post some more info on that ride if you can, I live in the Reading area.
Yep, it is!look271
Apr 11, 2001 3:43 PM
It's manor twp's ride. It's a "warm-up" for the Dream Ride, which is also run by these people, I believe. I don't have the url now (I'm at work and I have it on my home computer), but I'll post it later. It's May 5 and it's a mass start at 730am. $15 entry fee. Thanks for the info on the Mektronics. I got mine used (they were hardly used at all!) last year and immediately liked them. Had a problem this winter with them eating batteries to the tune of 1 every 5-10 miles, so I took them to the shop. Turns out they must've had this problem with a certain lot of them. Mavic replaced the rear derailer and computer and now it works fine again. I really like the way they shift and the fact that your hands are so close to the controls, no matter where you have them. I initially didn't like the front shifter, but a simple tightening of the allen screw on the lever that shifts the front derailer made all the difference on the world! I'm going to do that ride with a friend of mine. Let us know if your going to do it. I live just outside of Hbg in New Cumberland. Cheers!
re: Cassette limitations for Mavic's Mektronic rear derailer?look271
Apr 12, 2001 7:48 AM
Here's the url for that ride: