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Anyone have experience with Sapim Spokes?(4 posts)

Anyone have experience with Sapim Spokes?MeDotOrg
Apr 10, 2001 4:06 PM
I'm getting a pair of wheels made at (Open Pro CD/Chorus Hubs). I'm a (oxymoron?) "serious recreational" cyclist: I ride anywhere from 100-300 miles a week, don't race (I'm 50 years old, 6' tall, 165 pounds with a rebuilt knee), but I'm not crazy about getting passed.

I'm not sure about what spokes to get. Sdeals has ACI, Sapim, and DT Aero. I'm not a racer, but live in windy San Francisco, so I was thinking about Sapim CX-Ray for the front wheel and Sapin Strong for the Drive and Sapim SSDB for the Non-Drive rear wheel.

There are no reviews of Sapim on this website, but what little word-of-mouth I've heard is good.

Are the CX-Rays worth the extra $$$ for a non-competition rider? Does it make sense to get X-Rays only on a Radial spoke pattern?

Is it hard to get Sapim spokes here in the US? Should I be thinking about DT Aeros instead?

Any feedback greatly appreciated.
re: Anyone have experience with Sapim Spokes?ourframes
Apr 10, 2001 10:47 PM
DT spokes, bag the sapims. Bianchis come with sapims. lotso broken
spokes. Lots of broken spokes. new bikes--very new. some not
even out of the shop and have broken sapim spokes.
DT spokes. great spokes. at least the stainless ones. I dont care
for the black ones.
Call Dave ThomasPaulCL
Apr 11, 2001 9:43 AM He builds his race wheels with Sapim spokes. Ask his opinion. Nice guy.
re: Anyone have experience with Sapim Spokes?Donho
Apr 16, 2001 1:32 PM
I recently built up 4 wheelsets with CX-rays. Aside from the high price, so far they seem to be a great spoke. They are exceptionally light and because of the bladed shape, are slightly more aero than the 14-17 DT Revolution. From a wheelbuilders perspective, they don't have the wind up problems that building with Revolutions have. Wind up causes the builder to constantly have to tension relieve to unwind the spokes. All round spokes do this, but the thin center cross section of the Revolutions seem to exacerbate this behavior. Contrary to another post I have seen no CX-ray breakage to date(I am just relating my own experience, so no flames please). Given I ride on one set and the others went to local racer types whom I ride with regularly, I am pretty sure I would have heard of any problems.