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Spinergy Spox truing problem(2 posts)

Spinergy Spox truing problemJim A
Apr 10, 2001 11:55 AM
I tried to true my Spinergy Spox R2 rear wheel yesterday and found out something disturbing. It seems to be impossible to get those two little custom spoke wrenches engaged on the left (crossed) side. The spokes cross so close to the hub that there's no room to get the wrenches in there. I managed to get one wrench on with great difficulty by wrestling the spokes apart where they cross, but that didn't seem healthy for the wheel. I tried using needle-nose pliers instead of the wrenches – didn't work. It was a traumatic experience for both me and the wheel, and I think the wheel may be more untrue now than before I messed with it. Also, it seems like there's no way to adjust spokes on the right side while the cassette on because the big cog (25) gets in the way. Anybody have a solution to the cross side problem?
re: Spinergy Spox truing problemourframes
Apr 10, 2001 10:54 PM
I filed the top wrench a little wider and truing the spox is easier.
unfortunately, I have to remove some cassettes because of this very
I have a real task with the new SR-3 wheels. Theyve loctited the
nipples--and the cassettes explode. stinkers!
the aero spokes just twist and then break. they should have used
wheelsmith spoke prep!!!