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Airborne ti frames(4 posts)

Airborne ti framesLarry Meade
Apr 10, 2001 6:36 AM
I am considering buying an Airborne frame but am concerned about a couple of things. Since these are Chinese built frames, will they hold my Litespeed Ultimates hostage and then try to disassemble them to see how they work? Are Airborne bikes more likely to bump into American made bikes and then crash? I would love to hear from Airborne owners who also own an american built frame. Just to make sure there are no conflicts....

re: Airborne ti framesCroy
Apr 10, 2001 7:05 AM
If I owned a lightspeed, I would make sure to carry a bottle of sulfuric acid. That way, if I ever accidently ride into Chinese occupied territory and bump into one of their riders (it could happen here in So. CA), I can quickly destroy the frame before the Chinese Government tries to discover it's secrets.
re: Airborne ti framessteelyEYED
Apr 10, 2001 10:08 AM
The Chinese military would love to have look at those Swiss Army Bicycle Battalions bikes,today was the last day for the last bicycle
troop corps in the world.
Just remembermuncher
Apr 11, 2001 7:36 AM
If you do have a bump, and one of the bikes goes down, on no account should either say sorry, or help the other one up. The downed bike should strip all the gears and other components, and hide them under a bush. The still up bike should insist that it did not wheel overlap and thus cause the crash. In fact, try to inflame the situation by pointing out that you have seen the other bike being ridden no handed, and that is was thus a long standing menace. Both should send letter to the Club president, blaming the other for the crash. Try to keep this up for some weeks, refusing to ride together again in the meatime, before eventually resolving the situation by blaming the poor road surface...