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mavic cassettes & campag 10 spd(6 posts)

mavic cassettes & campag 10 spdsimon
Apr 10, 2001 1:37 AM
i'm upgrading my bike to 10 spd (it already has 10 spd derailleurs
and chainset), for whihc i need to buy new ergolevers, chain, and cassette.

however, i've currently got a mavic cc9 (9 spd) cassette(this comprises separate
sprockets and a spacer kit), with only one summer's use on it, that i'd like
to reuse.

mavic cc10 (10spd) cassettes use the same sprockets as 9spd, so i thought
i'd be able to just buy an extra sprocket and a 10 spd spacer kit.

although if you order a mavic cassette now, they send you 10 sprockets and
9 and 10spd spacers (if you're using 9 sod, you just use spacers to suit
and don't use one of the sprockets), they won't sell just the 10 spd spacers
or a single sprocket.

has anyone else come across this problem, and found a solution?

i'd usually solve this sort of thing by passing the unworn
stuff down to my training bike, but it has campag wheels
so the mavic cassette won't fit (it uses shimano spline pattern)....

thanks, simon
Mavic will sell them...TJeanloz
Apr 10, 2001 6:38 AM
Mavic sells all the cogs individually, and the 10speed spacer kit. I don't have the catalog here, but I can get you part numbers if you'd like. That being said, this is Mavic, and just because they will sell them doesn't mean that they will be available before August or be any cheaper than buying a new cassette. I think the cogs are ~$10 and the spacers are about the same.
Mavic will sell them...simonb
Apr 10, 2001 6:52 AM
if you could give me the part numbers, for the cc10 spacer kit and for a 25t sprocket, that would be brilliant.

thanks, simon
Try MarchisioAlexG
Apr 10, 2001 4:19 PM
I bought an extra sprocket for my CC9 cassette for hillier rides and got a marchisio sprocket and inner spline. I believe (but may be wrong) that Mavic sprockets are made by marchisio - they have exactly the same cut-outs, teeth profile etc....

Also, how did you go on with indexing 10speed mechs over a 9 speed cassette. Any details would be appreciated as I have a some nice wheels (Shimano 9sp bodies) and I want to upgrade one of my bikes to 10spd Campy.

If you need any details (email: the Marchisio sprockets then just let me know.

campag 10spd stuffsimonb
Apr 10, 2001 11:25 PM
campag 10 spd stuff is very little different from the 9spd. i used 10 spd f & r mechs with a 9 spd cassette and chain, no problem.

i reckon that the 9 spd campag mechs and chainset and even sprockets,
if you could respace them and find an extra one, would work no
problem with 10 spd.

btw, have marchisio got a website? i can't find one...

Not sure about Marchisio websiteAlexG
Apr 11, 2001 5:13 PM
Don't know whether Marchisio have a website or not. They are really popular in England though 'cos they sell individual sprockets and spacers for absolutely any hub or spacing. So you can get away with using say an 8 sp campy hub with a 9 sp shimano drivetrain. Extreme - but possible!

The sprockets tend to work best if you use a more generic chain - saya Sachs/sedis or something like that, although I never had any probs with a campy chain.

If you want any details of bike shops in England that sell Marchisio, just drop me a line....I know a few....