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Ritchey Aero WCS Wheelset or Ksyrium?(8 posts)

Ritchey Aero WCS Wheelset or Ksyrium?iggy
Apr 9, 2001 4:49 PM
Anybody ride the new wcs wheels yet or know any info. about reliability or performance? Seem similar to the Ksyriums, but less expensive.
Why Ksyriums?keith m.
Apr 10, 2001 7:50 AM
After owning a set of Spinergy SR-3's now for a couple of months, I cant see why anyone would spend the money on Ksyriums except that maybe because it's a status thing(you know, they were on so and so's bike at the TDF). The spinergy's are the same weight, have bladed spokes, a more aero rim section, great hubs (edco's) and cost half the price. I have found mine to be very tough on some not so smooth roads. They also give me great confidence on high speed descents, handling is great, I feel planted to the road. I wasnt infatuated with this wheelset before I bought them. As I've said here before, the only reason I got them was because I got a great deal on them($150 for the set) but I've grown to really appreciate them. FWIW.
Why Not?grz mnky
Apr 10, 2001 8:53 AM
Well, I don't think that the $150 price for the pair is widely available. That said, many of us are a bit skeptical about Spinergy products b/c of their poor history. Don't get me wrong, the R-3 could be the greatest thing since corn flakes, but there is a mountain of ill will that has to be overcome first. Spinergy touts it's latest development, then there's some sort of a problem, then they tout the next development. One can't help being skeptical.

So much for Spinergy and their less than inspiring history. Why Ksyrium? Well, same reasoning as above, but with different results: they work and they are virtually bomb-proof. Pricey yes, over priced maybe. You've also got a large technicaly astute manufacturer and many years of experience in the wheel biz.

I'd counter the reverse posit: why isn't everyone, who's serious, riding Ksyriums. The short answer is we're all different (taste, resources, asthetics, risk) and there is a lack of hard objective data so ultimately opinions and reputations have bearing.

Bottom line: do you want to go with something that works and is proven or would you rather save a few $$$ and take a chance? Choice is a wonderful thing and for $150 I'd buy a pair and wail on them.
Why Not? answer, because they're not bombproof.keith m.
Apr 11, 2001 7:36 AM
Dont forget the history of the Ksyriums. They have had a problem with the rear hubs exploding on sprints, or climbs. As for the history of Spinergy's wheelsets, they have had problems with the SPOX model due to the unique hub design, which in my opinion was bold and unique, too bad they were not reliable, but the SR-3's use Edco hubs, tried and true. I guess my point is that I believe the SR-3's stack up really well to the K's, considering thier simularities, and price. If you really want to 'go for broke', I think the XEARO'S kick butt on the K's, lighter and more aero, much nicer riding too.
It's All Relativegrz mnky
Apr 11, 2001 11:13 AM
Did you happen to see the reply concerning the Spinergy truing question from "ourframes" below?

Apr-10-01, 11:54 PM
"re: Spinergy Spox truing problem"
I filed the top wrench a little wider and truing the spox is easier.
unfortunately, I have to remove some cassettes because of this very
I have a real task with the new SR-3 wheels. Theyve loctited the
nipples--and the cassettes explode. stinkers!
the aero spokes just twist and then break. they should have used
wheelsmith spoke prep!!!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ End of Snip ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Sounds like the Spinergy "product of the month" has some teething pains.

My experience is that there are lots of Ksyriums wheelsets out there and I haven't seen/heard of many problems - not that this proves that there aren't any. With the Spinergy products it's always something and I've seen/heard about the problems. Pioneers are usually recognized by the arrows stuck in their backs.
spokeprep?keith m.
Apr 12, 2001 7:04 AM
The spinergy sr-3's require you to remove the tire and rim tape to true the wheels. Thats why whoever was trying to true them twisted the spokes, he wasnt following the directions. this is true for alot of the newer wheelsets today. I agree that the K's are a really nice wheel. I would choose them if price werent an issue. That asside, and at the risk of being redundent, I still say the sr-3's stack up well.
I'm happy with my Ksyriums..runsteveirun
Apr 11, 2001 5:50 AM
I think they are a nice all-around wheel.
Seem pretty tough, smooth rolling,
great on rough descents etc...
And they're not that costly.
I got mine for $425 plus shipping ($35)from
Parker-International in the UK, took a week-order to delivery.
Lots of similar prices at totalcycling, sdeal, etc...
They do seem overpriced on the US websites
like performance or colorado cyclist.
Don't know why that is but I've noticed that lots of
euro-goods (sidi shoes, campy equipment, etc...)
are highly marked-up in the States.

Colorado Cyclist is very high on the Ritcheys,
give 'em a call and talk to one of their tech guys.
The spinergy stuff looks cool but they keep
deep-sixing their product in favor of the next-new-thing.
That would make me nervous. However,
a buddy of mine has a set of Spox
and he loves 'em for climbing.
Me too.look271
Apr 11, 2001 5:08 PM
Got 'em cheap @ and have had no problems with them. Big improvement in ride over my Rolfs. Climb better, too. Let's face it; they look good too. Anybody that says they don't care about how their bike looks is probably lying.