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ITM Aero bars and bar end shifters(3 posts)

ITM Aero bars and bar end shiftersJuan Darias
Apr 8, 2001 7:23 AM
I just purchased some ITM Dual Aero CX2 bars for my time trial bike and the Shimano Ultegra bar end shifters I was using in my old Profile bars do not fit. The bar diameter is way too small (or the shifter way too big). Is there any way to get the two of them to work together? Are there any other bar end shifters in the market that will fit this bar? Or any transition pieces that will allow my shifters to work in the bar?

Thank you
re: ITM Aero bars and bar end shiftersAndy M-S
Apr 9, 2001 1:32 AM
Well, a few years ago I had this problem with some older Modolo bars and some Ultegra bar-cons. Not knowing the potential danger, I took a wood-boring bit (size? Don't recall) and used it to very gently ream out the end of the bar. Got the shifters to fit!

Nowadays, I likely wouldn't do this. I suspect that if I had put much weight on the bars at the end, I could have snapped them.

That may be much less of an issue with the ends of Aero bars, however, so it might be something to look at, though there are undoubtedly better ways to ream them out. But my first stop in any case would be to put in a note to ITM about the bars and as what they recommend...
re: ITM Aero bars and bar end shiftersPete
Apr 9, 2001 4:21 AM
I read a few of the reviews on this site, and I think one of the posters shaved down this part of the shifters that inserts into the bar. This seems to be a relatively safe option if you ask me.