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D-A shifter, brake & derailleur cables(1 post)

D-A shifter, brake & derailleur cablesGary
Apr 7, 2001 9:03 PM
I'm installing a full D-A component grouppo onto a bike and I have everything but the cables and cable housing.

I've had experience with Jagwire cables and housing and found that they tend to become sticky after a few months, especially in the cold. But I understand that Jagwire is really a monstrous company and actually makes the Shimano D-A cables, which Shimano then puts their name on them.

I've seen some sites selling D-A cables. But not the housing. I'm there such a thing as "Dura-Ace quality" of cables and housing? So...basically, I want an efficient, lightweight, relatively maintenance-free cable system. What are your recommendations? Thanks!