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Rolf Dolomite Wheelsets(3 posts)

Rolf Dolomite WheelsetsDirt Sandwich
Apr 3, 2001 10:01 PM
Something that REALLY BURNS ME UP is ROLFES company policy. I bought a Trek Full Susp VRX 300 at the end of season last year as they were going obsolete. Why Trek discontinued such a good bike is beyond me. Trek should have never discontinued the VRX series. They should have lightened it with carbon fiber but not discontinued it but that is not my beef.

I called Rolfe and asked if they made a hub to put on my Rolfe Dolomite wheelset that came with my VRX 300 as the 300 comes with VBrakes but the VRX 400 came with disk. When I bought my bike I opted with the bike shop, for a better price, to take all kinds of stuff off and purchase different pedals, handle bars, tires, grips, stem and swapped double crown Manitou forks for Manito Triple Crowns. My Bike ran about $1,700 by the time I got done and the extra $500 for the VRX 400 just to add disk brakes would have tapped me out. So I bought thinking Rolfe would most likely have a hub I could buy later that would allow me to upgrade from rubber to disk later. So this year I called Rolfe and low and behold, ROLFE says, "NO WE DON'T HAVE A HUB TO FIT YOUR ROLFE DOLOMITE WHEELS. YOU'LL HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER SET OF ROLFE DOLOMITE DISK WHEELS." Oh, Gee well isn't that a money making RACKET! If I had known this, I could have saved even more off on my bike by bying the bike RIMLESS and put on a brand like Shimano that would have made a hub that I could change to later to upgrade to disk. So ROLFE basically wants me to spend another $350 to put on rims that allow me to by disks for an additional $400 plus shipping I am probably looking at 800 by the time I'm done. GEE THANKS ROLFE!

My point, as people who mountainbike daily we should INSIST Rim manufacturers like Rolfe produce Disk Hubs that fit all their wheelsets as you can easily upgrade to Disk and if you sell your bike you dont have to sell it with your disks or for that matter you could switch back to Vbrakes any time as the Vbrake rim wont make a difference with a disk hub.

I think that Rolfe and other manufacturers should cater to the public that can get pissed off an go to another manufacturer that does care and lose a customer for life. After seeing a friend this weekend show me his Rolfe Dolomite Disk set, the hubs look similar, the spoke counts the same, so does Rolfe not want me to know a disk hub could work on my current wheelset?

All I know is I'll be damned if I spend $800 to upgrade to disks, and if I do, I'll be damned if I buy Rolfe ever again. They may have a great Rim and I jump my Full Suspension all the time and they stay pretty true (although I am a spoke wrench addict) but I think they should make a hub fit the wheelset you already bought. As if I ever upgrade, I am not going to buy from a company that has a policy like that.

It's like EPSON Color Printers, The printer comes cheap but the ink cartridges are $19 for Black and $39 for Cyan Magenta Yellow. Tell me that aint a money racket. The same with Rolfe for making a Vbrake rim not upgradeable to Disk... SHAME ON ROLFE!

That is my opinion.

Not all is bad. I have great things to say about CANE CREEK! I contacted them after I bought my New Trek VRX 300 as it came with a Cane Creek AD-5 Air Shock, but when I heard the AD-10 was more adjustable, they charged me the shock, sent mine back after three weeks of riding it, received a credit for the unit, and was charged only the difference and when I felt the AD-10 's price wasn't worth the adjustments as I like my Shock Super FIRM they allowed me to send IT back and get my old AD-5 back and credited me the original price of the AD-5. Of course I lost in Shipping of about 5 bucks but to test ride their other shock for five bucks was not only worth it, I was impressed with the company. Unlike Rolfe, they stood by me, the customer. I am now SOLD on CANE CREEK and will pull off any shock on any future bike I buy and put a CANE CREEK AD-5 Air Shock on the rear for the rest of my riding d
Different perspectivePete
Apr 4, 2001 6:31 AM
Okay, I understand to a very limited extent why you are upset. However, don't you think you should have looked into this before going through the whole deal?
Another point I would like to make is that with high tension spoked wheels, I hope to god you where not planning on reusing the rim? I have learned from many a wheelbuilder that reusing rims once it has been tensioned up is a very very very bad idea.
I'm just trying to figure out some of your logic here. Not to be rude or anything, but it seems to me like you brought a lot of this upon yourself by not doing some research before buying
Sounds Like a Personal/MTB Problem.grz mnky
Apr 4, 2001 4:36 PM
Well, my subject line sounds pretty elitist and insensitive. I do ride MTB's and am all too familiar with incompatibility problems. Here in the stodgey road bike world we only really have to deal with the two big players - pick one and stick with it. Still there are lots of companies making cool products, especially in the area of wheels. Keeping things incompatible produces product differentiation and more sales, plain and simple. I guess it's another case of the big mfr.s knowing what we want better than we do. They probably discontinued that model of bike because it wasn't selling well. You said you wanted a deal and needed to save all sorts of money - well you got it. In the bike biz it's all about money and hitting the price target. Be careful of what you wish for - you might get it.

Why anyone would buy Rolf wheels and their junk science is beyond me - they're in Trek's pocket for a reason.