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Specialized "turbo team edition" road tires(6 posts)

Specialized "turbo team edition" road tiresmr1m54u
Apr 3, 2001 3:40 PM

Just picked up a pair of Specialized Turbo Team Edition road tires for $20 @ UC Cyclery. Supposedly the MSRP is $49.99. Any comments or history with these tires? They are supposed to have the "Flack Jacket" puncture resistance built in but I had "tuffies" installed as well. Comments on tires and too much protection?

re: Specialized "turbo team edition" road tiresGary
Apr 3, 2001 5:13 PM
Which year model did you get? e.g. Performance has 'em for $29.99 for the 1998 edition

I don't have much experience with these tires specifically, but I did use their precursor, the Specialized Armadillo, which I believe they have discontinued and now go with the Turbo Team.

The Armadillos ran great! They lasted over 7,000 miles (2 years) with (a) no flats and (b) still had tread. I just took 'em off cuz I got tired of looking at them and I was psychologically seduced into going with a "lighter" tire. I still have them around though...maybe I'll put 'em back on if I start getting flats.

Offhand, unless you live in some area that has a predeliction towards thorns and glass...I think the tuffy liners is a bit much. They will serve their purpose though! But the downside is the added weight of the tire. Hopefully you're not running lightweight rims, otherwise you've cancelled your advantage.

I've only seen the tuffy liners used in mountain bike races where they wanted to avoid flats in desert areas. Carry tubes, tire levers and CO2 cartridges and flats are only an occasion for a 5 minute break.
I'm a little suspicious of the price because I've never seenbill
Apr 4, 2001 6:02 AM
them sold at (or really very near) the MSRP. BUT, they're not bad tires. Although they look sort of bulky, with a fair amount of tread compared to, say, Axial Pro's, they are surprisingly fast and pretty comfy. They have sort of that squared off tread, which may mean that you can't lean over on them the way you could some other tires; come to think of it, I have gone down on them, but maybe that was just me.
re: Specialized "turbo team edition" road tiresmr1m54u
Apr 4, 2001 7:22 AM
Followup: The tires are '00 "s-turbo team."?? Went for a ride last night and the ride was really, really nice. I increased my AVMPH by 2mph and cut about 10 minutes off of a normal 1 hour ride. I don't know how much the "tuffys" weigh, but I feel that the $10 investment beats having to buy a couple of extra tubes, and deal with constant changing/flats. I had only recently gotten flats and based upon research, this was the "logical" thing to do. I like to get on and go (if you know what I mean). I don't ride over a lot of glass, etc.

Question though; The guy at the bike shope said I should run about 100psi (compaired to 110-125psi). This seem contradictory to other's suggestions or comments.....???? Responses?

re: Specialized "turbo team edition" road tiresharvey
Apr 4, 2001 3:43 PM
I rode the 2000 edition last season and would still be riding them if I had not sold the bike. I paid full price last April; $42.00 or so each. I never flatted and after approx 1,300 miles it seemed they had a lot more miles in them. I always ran them at about 130 psi; I weigh about 160lbs. These tires also looked cool on the bike. I now run axial pros, and I have to say they seem identical in ride( I also run these 10 psi over the recommended 110 psi.
re: Specialized "turbo team edition" road tiresmr1m54u
Apr 8, 2001 8:09 AM

Thanks for the response. I've been on 3 rides since I put them on and it is a fantastic difference over what I was riding. Improving time and speed.