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Apr 3, 2001 11:21 AM
I have accused this forum's Jimbob of being the infamous "jimbob" that posted the slur against this forum in, and I've suggested that he owes this forum an apology. Jimbob has called me on this, and I have promised him that if he is not that poster, then it is I that owes HIM an apology. In fact, my commitment to him is that I would drop my pants in front of this forum and sing the apology. After his posts of the last two days, I am convinced that he IS NOT the cyclingforum poster, after all. I do therefore, drop my pants before this forum (something you may want to turn your heads away for) and sing my apology to him (something I know you don't want to hear). Jimbob, I do apologize. Please forgive. I hope you can understand the erroneous conclusion (I wasn't the only one).
Young Man!grz mnky
Apr 3, 2001 12:42 PM
Put yer clothes back on and wipe that silly grin off your face! We peeping-toms find it most offensive. ;-)
It's worse than you think.shmoo
Apr 3, 2001 1:05 PM
I'm no youngster, and I can't sing a lick.
That was the imposter shmooshmoo
Apr 4, 2001 3:05 PM
I am the real shmoo, and I will not apologize to the real imposter.