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7 spd. Dura Ace - largest cassette?(3 posts)

7 spd. Dura Ace - largest cassette?SD
Apr 3, 2001 8:02 AM
What is the largest size 7 speed cassette that with work with my SIS 7 spd. Dura Ace? At 11-21, it's geared too high for hilly New England terrain. Also, will any of the combo brake/shift levers work with this older set up?
re: 7 spd. Dura Ace - largest cassette?Dave Hickey
Apr 3, 2001 11:08 AM
I don't know about the cassette. But the Brake/shifters must be Dura Ace. I'm using 7700STI on 7400(8 speed). I know 8 speed downtube D/A shifters work with 7 speed D/A. One could assume 8 or 9 speed D/A STI would work with 7 speed D/A. I do know that only D/A shifters(downtube or STI) will only work with D/A rear derailleurs. When you start talking 9 speed, all the shifters in shimano's road line are interchangable.
11-21 Dura-Ace 7-speed cassette? ...Breck
Apr 3, 2001 11:01 PM
If I recall correctly, the 11 tooth 7-speed cassette available was with the compact drive and was packaged as 11-19; 11-21; 11-24; 11-28; 11-30, for both road and mountain. Otherwise all the non-compact 7-speed cassettes were 12-18 thru 12-32 and 13-19 thru 13-34 for road and mountain , and one 14-32 mountain.

The old 7-speed cogs had the second position cog three holes threaded for the cassette binder bolts which hold the 6 largest cogs together as a unit; otherwise they were pinned and bradded. The first position cog, a 12t, was loose. So you had some options. You could either get an 11t and replace the 12t, or unscrew/ un-brad (drill out the brad) the three binder bolts and make up your own custom combo 7-speed cog set. The only tiny problem being the packaged cog sets were designed and coded, depending upon the grouping, to have the shift gates in exact positions. So customizing a cog set was not perfect regards shifting but un-noticeable to most.

Cassettes or loose cogs best bet is Branford Bike or QBP.
Try or your LBS for help.