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Corima seatpost slipping(2 posts)

Corima seatpost slippingsbicyclist
Apr 2, 2001 4:28 PM
I bought a Corima Ellipse carbon seatpost this winter, and I'm having trouble with the post allowing the seat to tilt back. I've tightened the post as tight as I can, but after every ride it tilts.

Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
Had the same problemDMoore
Apr 3, 2001 6:02 AM
I tried a couple of things. First, lightly sand the carbon surface that faces the bolt adjustment. Then, lightly grease the tightening bolt and crank that puppy down. I had the same problem, so badly I was ready to toss the saddle until Corima suggested the above to me. Once I did those things, the saddle slippage stopped. I broke a bolt at one point, but Corima sent me a replacement (no charge). This was a few years ago - I finally got tired of the side to side sway of the post, and the slight forward and back rocking, and got rid of it entirely. I now ride a WR Compositi - lighter, more rigid, with a two bolt adjustment that's never been any problem at all.