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Spinergy Xaero, anyone with a review(4 posts)

Spinergy Xaero, anyone with a reviewMGS
Apr 1, 2001 6:34 PM
They've been out for awhile, and are already being discounted on E-bay.

Anyone have a pair that they've used. What's the story? Just a glorified SPOX, or worth the 700 dollars?
Have a `emKreeger
Apr 3, 2001 10:19 AM
...put 600+ miles on them... they are the sheeot! I got mine on eBay for $550 (shipping incl) brand new. They climb like crazy and are lighter than the whatever. I have rolled over speedbumps at 20mph+ without them even hinting out-of-trueness. They do feel crosswinds, though (like ALL wheels do).
Me toomike mcmahon
Apr 3, 2001 3:11 PM
I've got about 750 miles on mine and love them so far. Like Kreeger, I've run into some nasty roads and they have come through flawlessly. I did a sustained climb of approximately 80-90 minutes on them on Saturday and they peformed beautifully. The descent was windy and a bit windy. When the twists and turns took me into a side-wind, I did feel it a bit. However, at 180 lbs, this did not create any control problems for me. I never rode Spox, so I can't compare. However, I haven't been disappointed so far. I liked them even more once I ditched the 50-or-so Spinergy stickers that adorned them (o.k., slight exaggeration: only six per wheel.)
re: Spinergy Xaero, anyone with a reviewWhitcombe
Apr 9, 2001 12:34 PM
The wheelset is great, however the "X-Change" cassette body cracked after 3 months and Spinergy is causing a customer service nightmare before providing a replacement. I've e-mailed "Raul" and "Caleb" in customer service and they have both told me to take a hike (which I have to anyway, since my wheelset is broken), neither will consider replacement. They said I have to go to my local dealer for replacement and warranty service. Like I said, nice wheelset but never again will I purchase from Spinergy. I had a set of Spox when they first came out - same customer service problem - even where, as now, the problem is a manufacturing defect. Wheelset ok, the customer care at Spinergy sucks.