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I need a better saddle(10 posts)

I need a better saddleLizardme
Mar 31, 2001 4:58 PM
Hi all. I'm just becoming a roadie (been a mt. biker for a while) and my biggest concern for long distance riding is the saddle. Right now I use a pretty cushy gel saddle with no real special design and it's fine for mt. biking because you get the chance to stand a lot, but it sucks to sit on for very long.

I'll try to describe the problem as delicately as possible... Being female, when I'm seated and leaning over on the bike all that "girlie" stuff down there is getting squished. I've thought about getting a saddle with the cut out mid section, but they all look too narrow. I'm not a big gal either - I guess I have more space between my hip bones than most saddle designs are built for! Any suggestions for a comfortable riding saddle?

Thanks and please forgive me for being a bit personal *grin* -Kelly
Mar 31, 2001 5:37 PM
Suggest Terry Liberator due to the quality, economy, and comfort. The Terry saddles are wider in the back and narrow in the nose with a relief cutout. Take a look at Also, the Selle Italia "Lady Transam" appears to be a good choice also {}. You may want to purchase a used saddle from off the RoadBikeReview classifieds to start with to see if it meets your needs. Best wishes!
You might try a Serfas RXbianchi boy
Mar 31, 2001 6:16 PM
I've got one on my mtn bike and it's very comfortable, with gel padding and cutout in center, and wider than most road saddles. My brother uses the Serfas on his road bike and he had all sorts of problems with saddles until he tried this one. On my road bike, I use a Selle Italia TransAm Max, which is firmer than the Serfas, but is very comfortable for me.
My girlfriend uses....Kreeger
Apr 1, 2001 6:49 AM
...a Selle Italia Century saddle and swears by it, as do many of her riding buddies. It is wide and has a gel insert (for the girlie stuff). I have heard too much about those cut-out (Terry) saddles causing chafing in men AND women.

(BTW, they only have it in black)
And don't forget proper adjustmentKerry Irons
Apr 1, 2001 7:34 AM
For sure your squishy gel saddle is not likely comfortable on long road rides, but be sure you have it, or any other saddle, adjusted properly. What is "proper" is a personal thing, but many folks complain about uncomfortable saddles when in fact they should just change the tilt. If I see a mistake in saddle adjustment, it is that people tend to have the nose of the saddle a bit too high. This results in exactly the problem you describe (boys and girls!). Tipping the nose down can put more weight on your hands, so you have to learn to sit on the back of the saddle with your sit bones, and move your hands around to keep them comfortable. This is a small price to pay compared to the discomfort of pressure from the saddle nose. Saddle choice is totally personal, so it's pretty hard to go on someone else's recommendation - what they love, you may hate, and vice versa.
re: I need a better saddleJohnG
Apr 1, 2001 8:00 AM
My suggestion would be to try the Terry Liberator saddle. Most good shops will let you try a saddle with some kind of replacement policy.

*** I also agree with K Irons about saddle tilt. I've always found that a slight tilt down will cause a weight transfer to the sit bones and get the pressure off of the sensitive areas.

good rides JohnG
re: I need a better saddlesimstress
Apr 1, 2001 9:01 AM
Not trying to flame, but have you actually sat on the saddles that you say look too narrow?

That said, you should try the Giro Vitesse. It is known as a saddle for women who want something a little wider. It's my current saddle and I like the firmness, though I may look for something a bit narrower next time. I've done a century on this saddle with hardly any discomfort.

See if your bike shop will allow you to test ride some saddles before purchasing them. Or make sure their return/exchange policy covers saddles. Good luck!
Thanks for all the possibilities...Lizardme
Apr 1, 2001 10:40 AM
I'm having my lbs build up my bike now, so I'm gonna hit them up to try out as many of those mentioned as possible. Thanks again! -Kelly
re: I need a better saddleIan
Apr 1, 2001 12:42 PM
Try the Specialized Women's Body Geometry. A buddy of mine, his wife had the same complaint, although he did not describe it as delicately as you. He bought her one of those and she loved it.
re: I need a better saddleDanish-Man
Apr 2, 2001 4:32 AM
try the super saddle at

I have two of them, very comfortable !