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Velomax Ascent Comp...Best price?(11 posts)

Velomax Ascent Comp...Best price?Jim Douglas
Mar 30, 2001 9:49 PM
Who has the best price on these wheels? Everywhere I have looked I come up with $659.
Why Velomax??Scott Baryenbruch
Mar 31, 2001 6:52 AM
I just built a pair of road wheels for my brother that, I feel, are a much better wheelset than the velomax set, all things considered. I used and american classic micro front(24spoke) and american classic superlight cassette rear(28spoke). I duplicated the velomax lacing pattern (radial front; 2X drive, radial non-drive)with DT revolutions to velocity aeroheads. Basically I set out to make a "copycat" ascent comp but ended up settling for a copy of the orion. WITH skewers (115g) and velox rim tape the front weighed 707, and the rear weighed 853. Without skewers and rim tape (how velomax weighs theres) the front weighed 640g and the rear weighed 781 for a total weight 51g lighter than the ascent comps yet with additional spokes for added strength. Parts for the complete build cost me about $325. A bargain considering that won't even get you the Velomax front!! E-mail me with any questions, I would be happy to discuss the wheelset and where to get the parts.
Scott Baryenbruch
Which nipples?lajoie
Apr 2, 2001 3:33 AM
Which nipples did you use?brass or alloy? 10mm or 12mm?
Which nipples?sbaryenbruch
Apr 2, 2001 7:33 AM
I used 12mm alloy nipples at all locations, greased nipples and holes and prepped spokes of course. This wheelset is kind of a work in progress. It was built for my brother with the premise being that if anything went wrong I would make it right. I am fairly new to wheelbuilding, but hey, it really isn't that difficult! Basically we are just seeing what we can get away with as far as price, strength, and weight when "copying" an expensive Velomax wheel. So far so good! Any other questions feel free to drop me an e-mail.
Scott Baryenbruch
Velomax designBipedZed
Apr 2, 2001 8:25 AM
Wheels are more than the sum of the components. While you can copy the lacing pattern and use the same rim as a Velomax wheelset, the Velomax design cannot be replicated without proprietary Velomax hubs. The primary advantage of the Velomax hub is that spokes are directly threaded into the hub body as opposed to conventional hubs which require a spoke head with an elbow bend. It is superior to a straight pull spoke in that the spoke will not twist in the hub when truing. This hub design allows for very high spoke tension without fear of breaking spokes. High spoke tension creates a stiffer, stronger wheel.

I have almost 2000 miles on my Ascent Comps. After touching up the wheels in the first week, they have not moved at all and remain perfectly true after some heinous winter road training with pavement seam cracks, potholes, etc.

I'm sure the wheels you are building will be great wheels as long as they are built correctly. They are however not the equivalent to a Velomax Ascent Comp or Orion Comp. To achieve the same spoke tension, you would risk breaking spokes in a few years. Are Velomax wheels worth twice as much? That's up to the buyer to decide.
Velomax design.......sbaryenbruch
Apr 2, 2001 9:15 AM
You mean I wasn't suppose to drill holes in my hubs for straight pull spokes???!!!

-ok, all kidding aside I did take that into account. Along with factors such as availability of finding replacement spokes. I don't know of too many shops that can't hand me a J-bend DT revolution if I need it. What I gathered from reading posts on this site, and several wheelbuilding books is that the benefit gained from straight pull spokes would be marginal at best. I took my sweet time to insure this wheelset was done properly and, assuming it continues to hold up as well as it has already, could never justify paying the money for the velomax wheels. Keep in my mind this wheelset was built for less than $330! So for the price of a velomax front wheel I have a wheelset that is extremely easy for the user to service AND performs dang near, if not exactly, as well as the velomax wheels. In the end it is always, "to each there own", but from a price/performance standpoint I feel this wheelset is tough to beat.
Scott Baryenbruch
Velomax not straight pullBipedZed
Apr 2, 2001 11:16 AM
Straight pull spokes still have a spoke head. Velomax spokes are threaded on both ends, eliminating the spoke head altogether. Jeez, I'm beginning to sound like a salesman for Velomax. I agree, from a price/performance standpoint the wheels you've built are clearly the better value. Custom built wheels are always a better value over pre-builts, but some pre-builts offer designs/innovations/benefits that can't be built without special parts and/or tools.
Point well taken!! NMsbaryenbruch
Apr 2, 2001 12:21 PM
re: Velomax Ascent Comp...Best price?Marty
Mar 31, 2001 7:31 AM has Velomax Ascents for $599. Real good prices on Rolfs as well.
re: Velomax Ascent Comp...Best price?gwilliams
Apr 2, 2001 3:03 AM
Here is what to do if you have a Performance store close by. Get their team membership for $20, this will save you 10% on the wheels you will get this in store credit, sign up for their credit card, you will get a 10% coupon for the first purchase on the credit card. After you recieve the coupon go to the store and make a red phone order for wheels, you will have to pay sales tax but the shipping will be free.

re: Velomax Ascent Comp...Best price?Jim Douglas
Apr 2, 2001 6:48 PM
I just ordered the wheels from They were indeed the best deal going. $599 including the Pit stop Michelin tire deal. Their price beat all others hands down. I should see them any day now. Thanks for the help guys!