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Ergofit! Bio fit! I just want my bike to feel good(3 posts)

Ergofit! Bio fit! I just want my bike to feel goodWild Bill
Mar 30, 2001 5:01 AM
Help!!! I neede my bike to fit me.I am 5'7".
My inseam is 31 3/4" in my sock feet.From my crotch to my knee it is about 12 1/2"From the floor to my knee it is 19"
Sitting on the floor my back is 26' to the top of my sholder.
From under my arm pit my arms are 31'. From sholder to sholder I get 16 1/2" I wear a 9 1/2 shoe(43)
My bike is a Trek 5900 USPS 52cm. Frame(this is the perfect frame for me due to stand over hight.)
It has 170 cranks. I put a 42" bar on it. also I put a 120stem for my reach. I have an Easton carbon swept back post, and a Koobi TRI saddle. Two sets of wheels, Rolf Vector Pro's and Sestriere's that came with the bike.
I have Carnac Quartz shoes and Speedplay pedal system.
The bike is set up close, but no cegar.After 40 miles me ass is ready to kill some one!!!!!Please help Wild Bill
PS some of this is vauge but if you tell me what you need I will get it to you. Thanks to evey one that will help.
Mar 31, 2001 5:44 AM
I agree with the Rivendell philosophy of bicycle fit and geometry. The single most important factor is to raise the bars to saddle height or 1 to 2 CM above the seat height. Suggest that you explore the web site at Best wishes!
Raising the bars worked for me, tooRetro
Apr 2, 2001 8:07 AM
I fought it for years, because didn't the racers run their handlebars 4 inches below the saddle? Raising the bars was too geeky-looking for a fast guy like me...
But about three years ago I ordered a tall stem from Rivendell, and then I ordered some more, and three of my four bikes now have the bars even with the saddle or a hair above. The only one that doesn't is one I can't find parts for. I'll never go back.