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Brake Pads for carbon wheels(2 posts)

Brake Pads for carbon wheelsKyle2
Mar 29, 2001 7:58 PM
Anybody know of a barke pad i can use for carbon wheels.

I use 2001 Campy Record 10s and Zipp 303 tubulars. The wheels wear off the pads so much. I tried to fit the Corima brake housing and pad but it was loose in the bolt body area. Although it can be tightened and held by tightening the bolt the bike shop told me that it will not hold when braking under power.

A friend said to try the Campy housing and pads made for ceramic wheels. Am not sure if this will work.

Anybody know anything?
re: Brake Pads for carbon wheelspoontang
Apr 1, 2001 7:55 AM
Shimano now makes brake pads specifically for carbon rims (for their new wheel), and these should work for zipps, although I don't know about the compatibility between shimano brakes and campy brakes. Your lbs should be able to order these. Also, you can get a set of brake pads for campy shifters from cees beers at ada wheels (their web site is something like or other ending, you can find it on under the ironman pro-bike section). Ada wheels are the all carbon wheels (spokes, hubs, rim) that weigh in under 1 kg, so these pads would be fine. I think they ran about $20 shipped for a set of 4 to the U.S. (he's in Europe)