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Shimano Cordless FlightDeck(2 posts)

Shimano Cordless FlightDeckWild Bill
Mar 29, 2001 3:32 AM
I need to know all about this computer? Is it worth the money,is it durable,easy to use,battery life.
re: Shimano Cordless FlightDeckDrD
Mar 29, 2001 3:59 PM
Is it worth the money? Sort of a personal thing - I would say yes, but ymmv

Is it durable? One of the complaints I have heard (well, two actually) are the wires to the buttons breaking, or poor contact between the harness and the ribbon cable in the lever - since the wireless also has both of these, one would think it could have the same problems - myself, I have had no trouble at all, but it's only been on there for about a week :-)

Easy to use? Very easy (it's got a gazillion functions, but accessing them is very easy, and odds are there are certain ones you will be looking at more than others (like the speed + cadence display, as an example)

Battery life? Don't know - Shimano claims a year of daily (2hrs/day) use.