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Shimano Chainrings(11 posts)

Shimano ChainringsHap
Mar 28, 2001 6:17 AM
In Performance, new Shimano Dura Ace Chainrings (rings only)retail for $100.00 (53/39). Ultegra retails for $50.00. No weights or materials are listed. How different can these rings be?

Thanks, Hap
I'll bet DA isn't TWICE as good...Cory
Mar 28, 2001 8:06 AM
I read something about that the other day, but (of course) have forgotten it already...something to do with alloys or heat treatment or Shimano wanting twice as much money. But I don't see how the things could be twice as good to justify twice the price.
Yeah, So?grz mnky
Mar 28, 2001 8:17 AM
Of course you're right, but that's the way the top of the line stuff is; diminishing marginal returns. Things just aren't linear at the high end and people have different values on $$$, quality and performance. At least we have choices.
Our choice.Hap
Mar 28, 2001 10:01 AM
Yes we have choices and I was hoping someone out there could help me make mine. One side of my brain says buy Dura Ace, it's the top of the line. The other side of my brain says but Ultegra, it's a better value. Then there is a little part in the center of my brain that tries to reconcile between the two sides. It relies on little facts like material, weight, durability, functionality, etc. to decide when to go top-of-the-line and when to go value. For example a Dura Ace cassette weighs 160 grams while a Ultegra is listed at 203 grams. I can justify paying $30 extra dollars to save 43 grams. But when it comes to a set of chainrings, I don't know what my extra $50 buys me.

Does anyone know?

Thanks, Hap
I doubt there is much weight difference, another question...pmf
Mar 28, 2001 11:02 AM
Come on, what do chain rings weigh? Next to nothing. Even the cheapy Sugino ones feel no different than the DA ones (I recently bought a 38 tooth Sugino and replaced the 39 tooth DA ring on my wife's bike). They look very similar too. The DA ones probably have a nicer finish and may be more durable. For that price, you can get the TA rings in a color that matches your bike (cool). Its up to you. $50 goes a long way towards a new set of tires too.

Just out of curiousity, do any of you gram counters know what the weight difference in between a 12x27 DA and Ultegra cassette?
Shimano Chainring WeightsPsyDoc
Mar 28, 2001 10:37 AM
The info on Shimano's website states that Ultegra cranks (175mm) weigh in at 643g. Dura Ace cranks (175mm) weigh in at 599/600g. But, this info does not state how much of the weight difference is due to the cranks vs. chainrings.
re: Shimano ChainringsBreck
Mar 28, 2001 1:17 PM
Made some notes on the older Dura-Ace 7400, Ultegra 6400, and 105SC. Data pickin's were as slim then as now. So as not to postulate on the current rings, etc. can only offer meager info on what went before. Maybe some inference can be drawn, or not.

Dura-Ace 7400: The chain rings are precision cut and ground to an exact fit, then silver (clear) anodized.

Ultegra 6400: Alum alloy chain rings are die-cut to shape then turned on a lath to taper the thickness. The die-cut teeth are stamped to create the point, tapering the front face of the teeth. The teeth for the SG shift are left shorter and milled to shape. Chain rings are Silver (clear) anodized.

105SC: Alum die stamped to shape and turned to reduce the thickness on the front side of the teeth. After milling the tops of the teeth are struck or stamped to make the necessary points. Silver (clear) anodized.

Old data on tooth design and anti jam pins will skip though there were some variance as to mfg. process installation among the three. As far as alloy composition could not find any data back then and the weights were only given as complete crank sets.

Dura-Ace is nickel plated.Ian
Mar 28, 2001 6:38 PM
This increases the life of the rings and also makes them slick, which improves shifting. Nickel plating is also more expensive than anodizing.
re: Shimano Chainringsfuzzybunnies
Mar 28, 2001 7:14 PM
If you go to they show that the weight difference between the right crank arms with rings as having a 32g difference with a 26g difference between the left crank arms so there roughly a possible 6 gram difference between the chainrings assuming the same 26 gram difference between the right crank arms if there was no chain rings. TTFN
Extra $50Amortize Man
Mar 29, 2001 12:56 PM
What's an extra $50 over the lifetime of the bike? Then consider the fact you will probably upgrade to DA if you buy Ultegra. Then those rings will really cost $150.

Go for it Man! Go into the woods and live!
I'll waitHap
Mar 29, 2001 6:09 PM
I am replacing my cassette and chain with dura ace, I wanted different gearing and needed a chain so I'am upgrading from Ultegra. I thought, "Why not change the rings too?" but rather than buy Ultgra rings now, I'll wait a couple of months and buy the Dura Ace crankset. Then I can justify the upgrade.

Thanks for the info.