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Pre-built wheelset question-Spinergy vs. Formula(7 posts)

Pre-built wheelset question-Spinergy vs. FormulaTIC
Mar 26, 2001 2:06 PM
I need a new wheelset for general use. I do some climbing and I will use them for a few races (6 training races). What is the opinion of Spinergy SR-3s and Spox R-1? I have Spox MTB wheels and Love them, but I'm concerned about the aerodynamics of large diameter spokes at speed, and worry about breaking a nipple and slinging the flexible spoke around my brake caliper(ouch!!). Also, Supergo advertises (in the catalog) a wheelset by Formula for $199 that sounds great. Anyone seen them or have experience with the formula wheelset?

BTW, I weigh 170lbs., and I'm very easy on equipment. I rarely break anything.



Anyone know the weight of the Spinergy SR-3's?
SR-3'skeith m.
Mar 26, 2001 7:59 PM
I bought some SR-3's about two months ago at supergo. I wasnt looking to buy a new set of wheels but the manager offered me such a deal ($150 for the set, campy free hubs)that I jumped on them as a back up set. They weigh just over 1700 grams (about the same as ksyriums), are semi aero (30mm) and have bladed spokes, Edco hubs, which I love. They have stayed true to this day (about 800 miles so far). I also own a set of the R-2's and I can tell you that the SR-3's are faster on the flats and more stable when doing a fast descent. My speeds have gone up about 1/2 mph on my daily local ride that includes three miles of hills. Some of the roads I ride are fairly rough, and I have total confidence in these wheels (I weigh 170). When I spin the wheels on my workstand you can feel alot less air coming off of them compared to the R-2's, and with fewer and bladed spokes, I would assume them to be much more aero. For the price I would recomend these wheels, just take off the silly looking decals.
Hey Keith, did you look at the Formula Xero at Supergo?TIC
Mar 27, 2001 2:12 PM
The Xero is listed in the Catalog, but not on the website. Just curious about them at $199. They state about 1550 grams and they look like great technology, but I've never heard anything about them. I know Formula makes a lot of wheels for others, but this is the first Formula brand tha I've seen.

Hey Keith, did you look at the Formula Xero at Supergo?keith m.
Mar 29, 2001 3:50 PM
too new to know anything yet. I can call my manager friend and ask about them. He always tells me the truth, not always what I want to hear. Looks like a great climbing, all around wheelset though. I asked him the other day about those new access carbon frame sets, and he said it's great. He mentioned that some of the higher up's at Supergo went for a tour of the factory where they are made and that there is no expense spared in the quality. FWIW.
Mar 27, 2001 3:57 PM
Dude, you got 'em for $150! On the site it lists them at $399. Ya got a great deal, I wish I lived there.
Mar 29, 2001 10:54 AM
How did you get them for that price
email me with some tips
SR-3'skeith m.
Mar 29, 2001 3:37 PM
friend of the manager. what else can I say.