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Help me...probs w/ my composite tri spoke(4 posts)

Help me...probs w/ my composite tri spokedonalson
Mar 24, 2001 7:16 PM
well i just got my bike about 2 weeks ago...the rear wheels is a specilized tri spoke composite (Carbon fiber) tubular wheel, sweet and fast :) my problem.

just took her (the bike) out for a ride, when i got back i noticed a small crack near the rim it's about 1/4" long, its about as centred between two of the spokes as possable, right below the crack it's flexed/bowed out a little, i can flex it back in but it won't stay.

my question how bad is this?...can it be fixed? if so how much and where? and lastly is it ok to ride untill i can get it fixed?

thanks guys


PS i need this info asap...this is my ride to work.
re: Help me...probs w/ my composite tri spokeAHobie17
Mar 24, 2001 7:33 PM
Sounds like you should contact They bought the rights to the Specialized wheels you speak of. I really doubt the will tell you how to fix them. If you want to replace it with another rim that is similar try The HED3 runs for about $365.00, the best price I've seen. You might be able to try West systems epoxy to try and fix it. West Epoxy is like a fibeglass reson with fiber matting similar products are at AUTO Zone or the like, but DO NOT use these. Unless you have done Epoxy work before I world advise against it. You realy need to know what you are doing. It takes a lot of preperation and it still may not have the structural integrity. If you want to replace both rims with another type of wheel how about some Spinergy Rev-x's I have a set for sell for $350 with tires included.
re: Help me...probs w/ my composite tri spokeAHobie17
Mar 24, 2001 7:35 PM
Forgot The Spinergys are clinchers and Shimano cassette
re: Help me...probs w/ my composite tri spokepmf
Mar 27, 2001 11:40 AM
I'd definitely worry about this. If the wheel breaks while you're going fast down a hill, it might send you to the hospital.

You just got the bike, so take the wheel back to the LBS and see if they can do anything for you. You got this bike for $800, right? Seems awful cheap to have Tri-Spokes on unless they are heavily used or damaged already.

If the LBS won't do anything for you, call up HED and describe it to them. They may have a crash replacement program where they sell you a new one for a reduced price. Its up to you if you want to pay that. Those wheels are nice, but I have found them to be pretty harsh riding (tried a pair once) and being deep dish, a cross wind will get your attention. I have some Rev-X's and that is my main complaint. All deep dish wheels will do this. Its not that big of a deal, just a drawback. Every roadie ought to have at least one pair of conventional wire 32 spoke 3-cross wheels (e.g., Ultegra hubs and Open Pro rims). This might be an option for you. I know you just bought the bike and hate to spend more money, but that's the way it is. Its not a cheap hobby.

And what is the deal with the shop straightening your frame before you got it? Had it been crashed? This shop sounds a little flakey to me.