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forward seat post suggestions(2 posts)

forward seat post suggestionsYossarian
Mar 24, 2001 11:26 AM
i'm looking to switch my bike to a semi-tri position, so i'm in the market for a forward seat post. the problem is that lbs's only carry one kind, if any, so i cannot compare them. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i'm also going to shorten my stem, so if anybody has done this, please comment on some good parts to look into for this as well.

as far as price ranges go, i'm a student on a budget, so i'm not looking for the latest greatest aero 10 gram ultra-adamantium components, but value and longevity are important to me, so i'll spend more for something that i like that will last, even if it means i have to go with water instead of gatorade for a few months. thanks!

pat cottle
I've seen people run Thomson setbacks in reverse.....Shylock
Mar 24, 2001 7:13 PM
...and I've seen the 250mm versions go for cheap at Supergo. Actually, I have a 330mm I'd consider selling for 45 bucks, shipped. (I didn't intend this t be a sales pitch....I swear.) Of course, if you have a really slack seattube angle, you might have trouble getting the saddle level.

email me if interested