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9 speed upgrade(3 posts)

9 speed upgradeDan J
Mar 24, 2001 9:07 AM
Hey Guys! I finally got a new wheel set and now want to upgrade from 7sp STI to 9sp. I know I need a new chain, shifters and cassette, but do I also have to buy a new rear derailluer or will the old one (105) work? Appreciate any help.
re: 9 speed upgradeJamie Harris
Mar 24, 2001 9:39 PM
Just went through this and I could not get my old dura-ace derailuer to work right. I had to get a new one. However, I do not see why it would not work. I have done this on my mt. bike without a problem. Maybe try it, but expect to buy a derailuer so you will not be upset.

re: 9 speed upgradeJiggy
Mar 25, 2001 6:55 AM
you gotta run the cable on the other side of the anchoring bolt, might also need narrower pulleys and pulley bolts (at least yuo do for Campy)