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FlightDeck questions(5 posts)

FlightDeck questionsDrD
Mar 24, 2001 6:34 AM
Ok, so I finally got around to installing my FlightDeck computer (I have the wireless one with the 6501 headpiece and DA 7700C levers) and have a couple of questions - none really critical, just curious...

First - the magnet has this extra little ring which goes over the back (screw side) of the magnet - what does it do (it looks like it's going to rattle - not sure what the purpose is, other than maybe cosmetic)

Second - running the cables to the levers - how did you guys set up yours? - I ran them on the underside of the bar up until the top of the drops, then brought them around the back (that way, I never really feel them in any of my normal riding positions) - at first I thought I would run them around the front, but was concerned about damage caused by squeezing the wire against the articulated plastic piece which goes over the brake cable housing) I have the wires come out the back of the bar, then go over the bar to the underside of the sensor unit (that keeps them out of the way when I adjust/tighten the face plate on my stem if it loosens)

Last - how far down do you guys mount the sensor on the fork leg? - I currently have it at mid fork blade, but think I am going to move it a little lower (still within the 50cm range - right now I am at 44 or so)

Overall, the installation wasn't too bad - I'll probably crash into a tree trying to figure all of the computer stuff out, but until then, it looks pretty cool...
re: FlightDeck questionsIan
Mar 24, 2001 8:52 AM
First - I did not use that piece.

Second - Ran the wire along with the brake housing.

Third - About half-way. Be careful moving to far down, you will lose the signal.
Wired or wireless??ChrisA
Mar 24, 2001 10:30 AM
I'm thinking of getting the FlightDeck. Would you recomend wireless instead of wired?
Wired or wireless??DrD
Mar 24, 2001 11:16 AM
I like the wireless version - it makes for a cleaner installation - however, performance wise, I don't think there is a difference - essentially, the wireless has fewer wires (no wire going to the speed sensor, but still have the wires to the lever bodies), has a better mounting clamp (lets you put the computer further out, and helps if you have a stem with a large end to it), and the sensor is not a physical part of the clamp/tie-wrap onto the fork (so in theory, you can replace it if you swapped forks and the old one was too short) - oh yeah, and it costs alot more... (also - note that you must have the new style levers with one button on each lever to use the wireless harness)

I think it's more important to make sure you get the new display head (the 6501) which allows you to enter odometer settings, etc.

Overall, I think it's a decent computer - most of the gripes I have read are either the two button on one lever design, or that the FlightDeck doesn't allow you to enter the exact wheel circumference, as you can only enter it in 5mm increments, which means that at most you will be 2.5mm off - which is literally one tenth of one percent off - so in a 100 mile ride, your computer will be off by 0.1 miles... didn't seem like a big deal to me! I wanted the wireless cadence, which I got, and the integrated buttons, which I also got. I'll be going on the maiden voyage with it tomorrow, which should prove interesting...
re: FlightDeck questionsSpoke Wrench
Mar 24, 2001 5:14 PM
That little ring keeps the two fingers on the back of the magnet from flaring out too much and allowing the screw that holds the magnet onto the spoke from coming loose.

There is no functional difference between the old, two button levers and the new, one button levers. Only the rubber brake hoods are different. If you can find a pair of one button hoods, you can install the newer version of the Flite Deck on any flite deck compatable STIs.