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Pedals Look Time SpeedPlay ? III I am Confused(6 posts)

Pedals Look Time SpeedPlay ? III I am ConfusedBwiser
Mar 23, 2001 5:41 PM
I am looking to purchase a high end set of pedals. I have used shimano look style pedals for years and have really liked them but I am now looking for suggestions as to what to get. I will be doing some raceing and some long rides this year and need a few helps from your vast experience.


Bill Wiser
Ogden UT
re: Pedals Look Time SpeedPlay ? III I am Confusedcurtiso
Mar 24, 2001 5:28 AM
I rode LOOK pedals for the better part of a decade before I switched to Speedplay. Wow, what a difference!!!! I love the double-sided entry, the simplicity and the light weight. Disengaging couldn't be feels more like I'm just sliding my foot off than the old twisting motion required by the LOOKs. Clipping in is even easier.
try speedplay...dave
Mar 24, 2001 6:43 AM
I switched from LOOK style pedals to speedplays 2 years ago. It took a few rides to get used to the unlimited float of the speedplays, but overall, I like them better. Clipping in and out is easy. When combined with SIDI shoes, the foot is placed as close as possible to the pedal spindle, which seems to make my pedaling siginificantly smoother and faster. Other shoes require an adapter, which increases the foot to pedal distance.
Mar 24, 2001 2:54 PM
Suggest to stay w. a "platform" type of pedal for comfort and efficient power transfer. I personally do not suggest SpeedPlay since I tried them and within about 10 miles my left foot always went numb and I did not seem to have adequate power x-fer. SpeedPlay states that it is not the pedal platform that counts, but rather the large SpeedPlay cleat, but I have found that there is something to a large pedal platform. I have used the Nashbar Euro 2 pedals {Look "clone" by Wellgo} for a couple of years and find them to be reliable and extremely economical. Best wishes!
re: Pedals Look Time SpeedPlay ? III I am ConfusedAHobie17
Mar 24, 2001 7:40 PM
Personally I like the Speedplay X-2, they have alot of float and very light weight, also less likely to get any knee pain from them. They are alittle picky about keeping clean, especially if you walk around in the dirt, but you don't need to be walking in ridding shoes any way. When you first ride them it feels as if you are skating on ice. You'll get used to it pretty quick.
re: Pedals Look Time SpeedPlay ? III I am ConfusedIan
Mar 25, 2001 3:07 PM
I have not tried Time, but have used both Look and Speedplay. I like the Speedplay because of the float. But the Looks feel ever so slightly more secure. But, 9 degrees of float just isn't enough for me. Get a riding buddy to let you try his, or find an LBS willing to do so. And don't worry about the size of the pedal. Both use the same size cleat, the Look Delta cleat for Look or the Look adapter for Speedplay.