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Pedal recommendations...(3 posts)

Pedal recommendations...-G
Mar 23, 2001 7:21 AM
I'm new to roadbiking and don't have the greatest knees, would the Speedplay's be a good purchase? I would like to keep them reasonably priced also. Thanks.
Mar 23, 2001 5:15 PM
Suggest a "platform" type of pedal fist of all for comfort and efficient power transfer. I personally do not suggest SpeedPlay since I tried them and within about 10 miles my left foot always went numb and I did not seem to have adequate power x-fer. SpeedPlay states that it is not the pedal platform that counts, but rather the large SpeedPlay cleat, but I have found that there is something to a large pedal platform. I have used the Nashbar Euro 2 pedals for a couple of years and find them to be reliable. The cost for the Euro 2 is only $28.95 a pair and are made by Wellgo. Other platform pedals are by Look, Campy, and Time. Best wishes!
a note on those nashbar euro2 pedalsHaiku d'état
Jun 14, 2001 12:22 PM
the cleat is proprietary, as in they don't work with ANY other pedals. they appear Look compatible, but in fact are not.

this same question on the general board netted responses including the Look PP296 and PP206 as two of the top favorites. of course, there are the non-Look users, but i have no experience there.

good luck!