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Dura-Ace BB problems?(9 posts)

Dura-Ace BB problems?Gary
Mar 22, 2001 11:57 PM
I've heard about the Dura-Ace BB having some problems...though what specifically, I'm not sure. I've heard more than one person say that it's best to stay with an Ultegra BB. But when I asked two of my LBSs, they said that was only true in the older models of D-A BBs. I'm wanting to purchase a D-A BB7700 model to go along with my D-A upgrade.

Can someone enlighten me as to what the problems were? And do they still reflect upon the year 2001 model (or rather 7700)? Thanks.
re: Dura-Ace BB problems?Bikedude
Mar 23, 2001 2:14 PM
The Dura-Ace BB has poor seals and they wear out fast if not maintained well. If you put them together with a TON of grease and stay away from water they are OK. The Ultegra is a maintenance free cartridge type that requires no adjustment and is super easy to install. The only downside to Ultegra is slightly more weight, but not enough to worry about. Plus they are way less expensive. I use a Dura-Ace BB, but I have replace many that are completely shot after only one year. I always replace them with Ultegra.
re: Dura-Ace BB problems?K2bldr
Mar 23, 2001 4:55 PM
I agree with Bikedude 100%; that has been my experience with DA BB's too. He's also right that if you pack them with grease, lots of grease, they will hold up much better, but why bother with the hassle of that? It's still not as good a product as the Ultegra, and IMO a BB is one of those things you shouldn't have to think about(like a headset)!
Yes, but...Gary
Mar 23, 2001 5:48 PM
OK, thanks for your thoughts...I think that is what I've heard before. I'll admit I'm not the sharpest stick when it comes to knowing the intricacies of parts, but don't the new models of D-A BB's use sealed bearings? Meaning that you can't "pack them with grease"? The model I'm speaking of is the Dura-Ace BB7700 (currently the latest model).

Wouldn't "packing with grease" only apply to non-sealed bearings? Thanks.
Yes, but...Entropy669
Mar 23, 2001 6:14 PM
There are no problems with the Dura Ace BB. There does seem to be a problem with yutz's that don't know how to install, adjust and maintain them. The Dura Ace is not a sealed unit that you can ignore. It needs to be overhauled once a year or so.

Shimano makes the track version (BB-7710) in a triple bearing sealed version which is smoother than Ultegra and is sealed. No maintanence other then pulling it out of the frame once a year and re-greasing the threads so it does not corrode to the frame. Yes,this should be done with ALL bb's.

If you ride in the rain a lot and don't want to have to overhaul the bb after rainy rides, the Dura Ace road bb is not for you. If you are racing and want the least amount of friction possible from Shimano then you want the Dura Ace. Of course you would be racing, why else would you have Dura Ace to begin?
Yes, but...K2bldr
Mar 24, 2001 4:19 AM
Entropy, you must not be older than 20. You sound like the typical elitist a-hole that turns people away from cycling. Many non-racers want the best, smoothest equipment for the pure pleasure of it, just the same as one who drives a Porsche for the fine car that it is but doesn't race! As for being a "Yutz" because someone does not want to spend an hour every month fumbling with tiny needle bearings and a delicate plastic cage to maintain thier BB.... have fun with it! There's one born every minute!
maybe not...DrD
Mar 25, 2001 12:34 PM
While Shimano does make a track version of the DA bottom bracket (the 7710), and it is a cartridge design similar to Ultegra, it is not meant for outdoor use, and is POORLY sealed (this is directly from Shimano in a FAQ on their website) - they recommend going Ultegra if you want a sealed cartridge setup. The track version is also alot heavier than the regular DA bottom bracket, if weight savings was the goal...
Yes, thanksGary
Mar 25, 2001 3:02 PM I understand the situation better. Thanks Entropy for your message posting, even though it wasn't appreciated by all (he did answer my question from a technical standpoint and thanks to the later clarification on track BBs). Entropy's stereotyping of certain D-A users was just not PC.

So basically the BBs have to be dealt with. OK, I can handle that. I think I'll go with the DA as I'm a tweaker anyhow and have a great standing with a LBS that allows me to work on my bike in the back of his shop. And yes, I have begun racing. I'm trying to lighten what I can (can't go too far as I'm a clydesdale).

But it does appear that those wishing for install-and-forget BBs should not choose D-A.
I agree somewhat about the D/A track
Mar 26, 2001 9:33 AM
I had a problem when I built a new frame last year with a dura-ace bottom bracket. I was getting some creaking that I couldn't get rid of and the adjustment on them was a bit of a pain. I had not used my lock ring wrench in so long I didn't know where it was so I had to buy a new one. Also the spindle was actually showing wear after only about 1000 miles too.

I replaced it with a dura-ace track bottom bracket and it seemed to take care of the problem. It just zips in with a bottom bracket tool just like the ultegra. You don't have to deal with the lock ring wrenches. It has also held up better too meaning no noticeable wear on the spindle.

Good luck